What Habits Make a Great Blogger?

I have been chasing various blogs for some time now, and during that time, I have come to believe that what separates a ordinary blogger from a fantastic blogger is the power to be proactive.Of course, you want to have a passion for your niche, a good grasp of language and writing, and be an expert on what you are blogging about.All of these go into maximizing your opportunity for successfully blogging. Not to mention that it takes about hard work, loyalty and uninterrupted growing of your blog.

The proactive blogger performs all of this and then goes on to aggressively hunt down new opportunities, data and means of executing things that others will either sidestep or overlook. The proactive blogger is working when others have shut down for the day. With any ability, gift or connection, blogging is one of those things that take practice, practice, practice. It takes a someone who is devoted to put out that excess sweat and do it repeatedly over time. There are tons of unusual methods for producing revenue with a blog. What separates those who say from those who succeed is action. Proactive bloggers are constantly in motion, leading step-by-step actions to carry better news, information and the up-to-date in whatever niche they’re blogging in.



Information and software is so easy to obtain nowadays that making money is not nearly as hard as it used to be. With that overflow of information also follows the need to filter. Choose a spot that is interesting, then jump in and learn as you go. Filter out those things which are not a part of your niche, and continue to plow ahead, making connections and networking as you go.

4 Tips to Proactive Blogging

Tip #1 – Network. Blogging is social. As you blog, you will by nature grow a electronic network of like-minded bloggers. Networking with other bloggers can be positive in a variety ways including There is no limitation to what you can attain when you network with others.

One of the greatest ways to meet other bloggers is to take a proactive approach. Go in with the knowledge that other bloggers are ever interested in other quality bloggers in their niche. What normally keeps people back from being proactive is a dread of failure or rejection. Stride right past that concern. It’s normal.
It’s actually the fear of the unknown, and it’s important to recognize that the worst that can come about is they can say, “No.” It’s called Fail Forward to Success and it’s a numbers game. You need to get 20 “No thanks” in succession before you should step back and look over your approach. It is virtually impossible to get 20 of them in a row, by the way.

Tip #2 – Learn From Your Errors. If you don’t try, you will never learn. Being proactive means that you should be open to both succeed and fail. In each instance, you will learn and keep going. In actuality, it’s better to fail first, take from experience and then succeed. When touching others, it is always about give and take.

Tip #3 – Learn More – Learn Better. We all have different ways that we learn and learning to be proactive is no different. Learning from mistakes is one way. Another good way is to learn via online tutorials. There are online for just about everything from graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator to how to effectively internet market and blog. Nowadays, you can acquire videos on almost anything and your learning curve is about 5x faster through video than reading.

Proactive bloggers have a much higher level of learning simply because their activity and interactivity is that much higher. As you learn things, your learning curve will reduce simply because you are building on what you already know. You will end up adding to your present and future efforts quickly as a result.

Tip #4 – You Will Achieve Long Term Goals
Begin taking steps towards reaching your long-range goals by executing more than than is absolutely essential. In order to grow and carry out goals quicker, errors will be made, but you will go much further because of your willingness to take action through the long haul.

Feel you are already proactive? Well here are great ways to increase your proactivity!

#1 – Start. Get Moving. Get Up and Move
Probably one of the easiest and often disregarded methods of getting proactive and starting a blog falls under making those first steps. If you want to operate a blog, sign up for web hosting, figure and register a domain name, and set up a blog.

#2 – Write For Others
Guest posts are your best way towards establishing networks with other bloggers. After you have your blog up and going, drop a line for other blogs and you’ll automatically learn individuals better. Other bloggers are always looking for premium content, and if you contact them for guest blogging privileges, it will automatically get you incoming links to your blog and a contact at the other blog.

#3 – Comment on others blog posts
Blogging is totally about the conversation. If you see a post that is especially interesting, comment on it. Others will set out to comment on your blog in return and it starts a conversation. If you do this on a regular basis, people will begin to take notice and do likewise. Think of it as a conversation. If you never say hello, the other person doesn’t say hello, there is silence. This is just a form of saying hello.

#4 – Social Media is the new platform
Getting involved in social media is a marvelous way to spring into the blogger flow. If you want to get to know other bloggers, their blogs and viewpoints, use social media networks like StumbleUpon, Digg and others. StumbleUpon is especially good for networking, and you can get traffic quickly to your site through just this one social media network.

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