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Importance of social media influencing in this day and age

We live in the virtual world today. We carry out almost every imaginable activity online, including buying tons of stuff. Then, the virtual world and the pages we visit and frequent become key elements in our quest for items. Sales and marketing teams have figured this out and now use social media influencing to garner support and visibility for their companies and brands.

Social media influencing is important when it comes to creating awareness of the product or brand. Using well placed, well written content, it is possible to draw the attention of a customer. All it takes for the customer to learn more is a simple click. Almost everyone is amenable to that simple action. Driving sales from that point becomes relatively simpler to do. When one out of three customers in the USA is influenced by social media to make purchase decisions, you know you’re dealing with something very powerful.

This kind of influencing is also vital to create something no budget can do- trust in the brand. Word of mouth is how social media influence mostly works and when a user hears about a product from a trusted member of their circle, they are most likely to buy the product. Imagine this in sensitive areas such as baby products or allergy-related, illness –related requirements. Word of mouth is the clincher for a user to try something out for the first time.

Social media can be used to spread the word about special discounts or sales of brands. It is useful for season sales, holiday purchases and new arrivals. More importantly, thanks to an engagement with the audience, social media influencing puts the information out with a sense of camaraderie and a personal touch. Something no strategy can do. This way, a user is more likely to check out the details of the sale and then make a purchase.



This brand of influencing harnesses the power of an important word- free. When campaigns are filled with sales, freebies, discounts and giveaways, users are drawn to the product. Add this to the ‘refer to win more’ concept, and the campaign becomes a huge favourite real soon. Incentivising customers has never seen quite the success as it does on social media. Whether through a simple referral, or a written recommendation, a re-share or comment, post or review, users show their involvement and it’s all because of social media influencing.

If your product is meant for a millennial, then all the more reason to harness the power of social media influencing. Millennials have grown up with the internet and it is their go-to destination for all decisions, including purchases.

There’s no escaping the fact that social media influencing is here to stay. It’s a vital cog in any strategy and it is something no user or consumer can escape from. For the company the sheer volume of a captive audience makes the social media world so important. Even if the tactic were to focus on only the top social media pages, the audience will number millions of people. That’s a kind of reach no old-fashioned marketing campaign could ever hope to achieve.

The top social media influencing platforms are blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and much more. Blogs still have considerable influence on the people visiting their blogs and just one shout out is enough to give your brand the much needed push. Similarly Facebook is a great social media tool that many marketers use. Influencers on this platform ensure you get the right set of people to try your product or service. To find the right social media influencer you can visit websites like and others.

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