You Need To Know The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Stole Your Privacy

Hacking has been in the news recently if you’ve been paying attention to the election. Everyone reads newspaper stories and develops an opinion, but it’s questionable how much they know about cybersecurity laws. CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar over the last year. Let’s look at how it could affect you before you decide which side you’re on. How much privacy do you think is worth giving up to use the internet?


Large Companies Are Against It

Some of the world’s biggest companies are against CISA, and it’s certainly not for their benefit. They care about their users’ privacy, so the fact they’re opposed to the law means something doesn’t sit right. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple all oppose it. Should we trust the brands we use regularly, or does the government know what is right for us?


Your Details Will Be Shared

Technically, the new law does say your personal information should be stripped out before a company hands over information to the government. Cybersecurity law firms will tell you everyone should be notified when their data is accidentally shared with the wrong people. Whether or not you’re notified isn’t the point. The fact someone can ‘accidentally’ share something means they will.

It’s Going To Affect The World

If you live overseas, it’s easy to assume you’ll have nothing to worry about, but you’d be wrong. CISA is designed to track down and attack people from all over the world. You will only be pursued aggressively if you pose a threat to the US. It still doesn’t mean your privacy will be safer than someone living in Florida or New York, so we’re all under threat.

Cooperation Is Still Voluntary

Imran Ahmad, a cybersecurity expert, says that this cooperation between the government and companies is done voluntarily. At the same time, we all know it isn’t really when you look into the details. If companies hand over information when asked for, they won’t be held legally liable for anything. The government handed out such a great incentive it would be foolish not to comply with them.

There Is A Very Gray Area

At what point do you think a government organization would have a right to demand data from companies? Most would assume it’s when they feel there is a potential threat, but looking at the paperwork shows it’s a very gray area. The exact wording they use is so vague it’s pointless even arguing about it. When someone wants your data, they will get it, whether you’re a hacker or a single mom working in a flower shop.

It’s Scarier Than You Think

Don’t spend too much time worrying about anyone else who might have been hacked. It would help if you began to worry more about yourself. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, your right to privacy has still been stripped away. It’s important you know this, even though you won’t be able to do much about it unless you start living in a cave.

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