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According to the Pew Internet [null,2,0] Project’s PIP Blogging Report, 46% of bloggers are girls, and the numbers grow normally. However, many woman bloggers are slightly disenchanted with the lack of popularity of their enterprise. After a week of studies, I eventually asked myself why women aren’t extra distinguished on the net. Of all the blog rating lists, except fashion and celebrity blogs, an average of 12% of women seem in the pinnacle 100 of each listing. And a few assets have the nerve to think that style blogs are “non-public diaries of fashion”. After doing some studies, I found out why such a lot of bloggers and readers these days perceive female bloggers in a different way than guys:

Women Power Bloggers

Many male bloggers do not hyperlink to female bloggers
Less than 10% of ladies are political bloggers
60% of women-created blogs are categorized as “private diaries.”
Nearly 88% of pinnacle bloggers are white American guys.
Some men don’t admire being lectured using ladies. Instead of studying RSS feeds and getting to know list after listing, I determined to head directly to the source to get extra solutions and discover how girls strength bloggers reached success, how they attain their readers, and what they think about the discrimination in the direction of professional girls bloggers in contemporary running a blog community.



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I communicated with four very extraordinary girls bloggers (Chanel Ward/Hip Candy, Charlene Li/Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed by Way of Social Technologies, Michele Obi/My Fashion Life, and Julie Strietelmeier/The Gadgeteer) and asked them the same five questions:

What is the focus of your weblog, and why did you pick this precise niche?
What would you say if you could describe your readers in three sentences or less?
How has running a blog advanced your profession?
In common, 12% of ladies’ bloggers are featured on the top 100 lists. Why do you suspect this is?
If you could deliver one word of recommendation to women bloggers nowadays, what wouldn’t it be?
After speaking with these women, I found out that being an “energy blogger” has not had anything to do with your ranking on a listing but with the niceness of your posts, the attention to your reader’s needs, and the capacity to appearance beyond repute and fortune and live real on your difficulty remember. This is part one of a two-element collection offering girls bloggers who’ve modified how the arena perspectives them and their readers. Today’s featured blogger is Chanel Ward from Hip Candy and Charlene Li from Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed Using Social Technologies.

Chanel Ward / Hip Candy

It’s difficult to pick considered one of my favorite blogs, but Hip Candy could be very near my coronary heart. From the tagline, “candy… But now not in that fattening kind, a manner,” to the blog’s proprietor, Chanel Ward, Hip Candy is fresh, thrilling, and new.

Fashion clothier/image artist/writer Chanel Ward became featured as 225 Magazine’s Top People To Watch in 2008, and for good purpose. After being the voice for America’s Next Top Model Interviews and one of the finalists for Project Runaway’s fan-favorite blogs, this fashionista became invited to revel in and write about Fashion Week and is soon launching the good deal anticipated clothing line, Hip Couture. Blazing a path of personality and style, her weblog and career have a life of its own, but do not take my word for it.

1. What is the focus of your blog, and why did you select this precise area of interest?

The focus of Hip Candy is my tagline. Fashion. Celebrity. Entertainment. Me. That’s essentially what I weblog approximately in a nutshell! I like to think of my weblog as fashionably fun! I chose this niche because my history is in Fashion Design (I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles in 1999and I’ve constantly been intrigued by using celeb lifestyle, so I simply notion it’d be an adventure to begin a fun website that would focus on those things, and at the same time, it might hold me abreast of what changed into occurring in the [fashion] industry. Hip Candy is a fun forum for readers to come and share their evaluations on style (the contemporary traits, fashion donuts…), celebs (what they have been wearing, what were they thinking?!), the modern-day happenings in amusement, with a bit of what’s occurring with me thrown in for proper measure.

2. What might you say if you could describe your readers in 3 sentences or much less?

I was amazed to study these days that many of my readers are as young as 12! But I also have extra “pro” readers, ladies over 50 and past, and every age (and gender) in between. Hip Candy readers are very opinionated. Even though most of them normally accept as true most matters I opine and “wax poetic” about, they do not continually consider everything I positioned down, and that’s okay! Having a difference of opinion is what makes us unique! One of my maxima commented posts (sixty-nine remarks at ultimate count) has a firestorm of strong opinions on it from beginning to finish.

Anyone who takes a day out of their busy day to click on Hip Candy reads a post, and the percentage of their evaluations is greater than okay with me.

Three. How has running a blog superior your profession?

Wow. That’s the sort of loaded question! I’d never considered myself an “author”; after starting Hip Candy, I slowly permitted myself to suppose in any other case. My weblog has already reached tiers I wouldn’t have imagined once I began it. I figured it’d just be a laugh hobby. The response was because I started, and it’s been exceptional already! It’s very humbling. Some of the more noteworthy improvements have been 1) exposure to the hundreds from carrying out the “Top Model” interviews, 2) getting credentialed and being invited to Fashion Week from my fashion coverage on the weblog coupled with strong readership, 3) The same strong readership translating into monthly advert sales generated on Hip Candy four) all-rate paid journeys to cover exchange indicates and events ([http://blogs.Dreambrizo.Com/kbis_2007/]) five) reputation and acknowledgment from magazines, and in the end and the end, 6) constructed in call popularity for a future apparel launch! Blogging has been a wonder and a blessing, and I will stay up for more in 2008!

Four. On average, the handiest 12% of ladies bloggers have been featured on pinnacle one hundred lists. Why do you think that is?

I hadn’t heard this statistic before. However, it is quite astonishing that I did hear that about 1/2 of the people blogging properly now are ladies. I do not know why more women aren’t considered pinnacle bloggers. I’d love to discover that myself. I’d love to find out what we, as girls, should do to the degree of the playing area. I’m not as privileged as I’d like to be on how blog ranking works. I’ve made a pair of lists within the beyond; however, until a website like Technorati ranks blogs on several specific statistically primarily based standards, I’m no longer sure how much weight it holds. That said, I’m continually grateful to be covered on humans’ “Top” list, whatever the standards!

5. If you may provide one phrase of advice to women bloggers these days, what would it be?

My phrase of recommendation to ladies bloggers might be not to surrender! So many of us who may additionally have a robust voice on whatever subject fall into the wayside after beginning blogs and never see the full fruit of what might have been. Unless you’re a superstar, no person ever starts with thousands and thousands of readers! I’m still striving for that myself! So it’s honestly a system, and growing pains are a part of it. I can remember lower back when my mom and a few of my pals made up the entirety of my readership. But in case you’re putting out proper content, readers will continually observe. Have religion in yourself and what you’re doing! Especially if you like it.

Charlene Li / Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed by Way of Social Technologies

Charlene Li knows what she’s talking about, and they are captivated by it. Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed by Social Technologies is one of the high-quality written blogs on the web. Charlene is a professional in technology like blogs and social networking and uses this understanding to guide the advertising and studies group at Forrester.

Charlene does not just write about her ardor; she consults others about trends and methods surrounding her niche. She is one of the most quoted analysts and has been seen in The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer, CNN, NPR, and BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and BusinessWeek. As a count of truth, while penning this biography and researching Charlene’s accomplishments, an industrial 60-minute phase on Facebook changed into advertising. Charlene furnished history on that tale. Reading Charlene’s weblog has advanced my profession as a technology leader inside my enterprise. It has kept me fully updated on revolutionary advertising and marketing solutions via social networks and running a blog. I am honored to have her take the time to attain my readers on women and bloggers.

1. What is the focus of your weblog, and why did you pick this specific niche?

Cognizance is a trait in interactive and social technologies, generally for advertising and marketing purposes. Most lately, the focus is on using social technologies and supporting a new e-book I published in April 2008. The blog is an extension of my work at Forrester Research.

2. If you may describe your readers in 3 sentences or much less, what might you say?

I even have three very unique readers: 1) Businesspeople interested in leveraging interactive and social technology, typically in advertising; 2) Influential press and women bloggers; three) Thought leaders inside the subject, whom I can tap for research functions.

Three. How has running a blog advanced your profession?

Oh, in so many methods! It’s given me visibility past the confined Forrester consumer base and prolonged my influence fantastically. I have contacts that I might never have developed without the blog. I rely upon it to continue to conduct research in a network that does not exist everywhere else. As such, I have to get the right to enter higher study faster than everyone else within the enterprise.

Four. On average, 12% of women bloggers are featured on the top of a hundred lists. Why do you suspect that is?

I’m assuming you imply that the simplest 12% of pinnacle bloggers are girls. This is partially a count of who makes the list. And frankly, why does it count as a number if you’re a “top” blogger? The most crucial element is knowing who your reader is and hyper-serving them better than everybody else. I’m not ever going to make it on the Technorati 100 listing, but I’m taking into consideration as a “pinnacle blogger” in my subject.

The different way to look at its miles do women keep in mind themselves to be a top blogger? If the state is 12% of women bloggers remember themselves to be top bloggers, then we’ve got self-esteem trouble!

5. If you could give one word of recommendation to girl bloggers nowadays, what would it not be?

Be proper to yourself and your reader. There’s nothing worse than a blogger striving to be something they aren’t.

Tierra Bernard Law Montgomery is the Vice President of Training & IT Development at Joy Corporation of Baton Rouge as well as a former Adjunct Professor at Baton Rouge Community College’s Small Business Training Center, in which she teaches employees of Cox Communications, Casino Rouge, and Shaw, Inc. Laptop literacy and talent in Microsoft Office Applications. Ms. Sir Bernard Law has an immeasurable amount of experience dealing with the displaced network. She serves on the LARebuilds steerage committee and additionally designed and implemented Joy Corporation’s Community Technology Initiative, providing education to the web free from the cost of using the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Curriculum.

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