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4 Best Practices for Hiring an SEO Agency

Every business needs a little help from time to time. And plenty of companies have benefited greatly from partnering with a digital marketing or SEO agency. However, the unfortunate reality is that not every SEO agency delivers positive results. In worst-case scenarios, poorly implemented SEO tactics can damage a company’s online visibility. To help you avoid that fate and ensure that you team up with a reputable SEO agency, check out these four best practices for vetting marketing companies:

4 Best Practices for Hiring an SEO Agency 1

Shop Around

SEO services don’t come cheap; hiring an outside firm to handle your SEO efforts is big, and it should be treated as such. Business owners must shop around to determine which agencies they can afford to work with and which are cost-prohibitive. While signing on with the first agency that impresses you with a proposal may be tempting, but know that shopping around is crucial to getting a good deal with an SEO agency.

Review Previous Clients

Many modern marketing agencies cater their services to niche markets. Thankfully, this means you should find an SEO partner with experience in your industry. Even if your business manufactures relatively obscure products like 48 well plates, for instance, there are sure to be SEO firms familiar with your field. Review previous client reviews and ask any prospective SEO partner if they’ve worked with a business similar to yours.

Ask for a Sample

SEO tactics can take months or even years to produce solid results. Still, that shouldn’t stop business owners from requesting SEO sample work from potential partner agencies. Don’t be afraid to request a landing page or even a list of SEO tips to follow; an agency that isn’t willing to meet you halfway through the interview process isn’t likely to be flexible down the line either.

Beware Grandiose Promises

If something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is! Oddly, you’ve come across a marketing “expert” who has promised you massive and immediate returns from SEO investment. Beware of these marketing firms. Predicting SEO performance is difficult for even the most informed professionals –– so watch out for SEO hustlers just looking to take advantage of your business. Lastly, never partner up with a company that employs black-hat SEO tactics.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right SEO agency partner can be tricky, but getting this decision right could make a big difference for your brand. Remember to remember these tips the next time you’re looking for a marketing firm.

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