The Continued Rise of Social Media: What Can We Expect in 2019?

Social media is one of the giants that are able to control our lives. Nowadays, we can’t leave the house without telling social media that we have left, or what we ate before, or when we are going to sleep.

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Everything has to be documented – everything! Right now, you might only be interested in how to get Instagram followers, but in the near future, social media could mean more than it means right now.

So, what can we expect from social media in 2019, given its continued rise?

TV Will Eventually Lose the War

According to several studies, 2019 will be the year when the Internet will finally catch up to the TV when it comes to total hours watched. Another study says that, in 2019, people will spend 2.7 hours a day watching TV and 2.6 hours a day surfing the web. Moreover, it is said that almost 50 minutes of the average time people will spend online will be spent watching videos on mobile.

But this is not everything. What drastic change could we expect from this? Well, we will probably begin to see companies and ads that are now only advertised on TV being advertised in the online environment as well.

The advertisement marketing will completely shift its focus on the online part of the deal.

Live Videos Will Become a Day-to-Day Activity

We all know that the live video industry, if we may call it that way, has grown a lot in the past few years – and by a lot, we mean serious numbers. For example, in 2016, which is the year that marks the rise of this trend, more than 80% of users have watched live videos when compared to 2015.

Moreover, there are people that say they would pay to see someone famous, like an actor, an athlete, or a performer on a live video.

While some may think this live video thing is heading in the wrong direction – we have the stats ready for them. Around 67% of the people that watch live videos said that it’s more likely for them to go on a live concert of some band if they have previously seen that band perform during a live stream.

Chatbots Everywhere!

Well, there are already apps that allow us to download Instagram stories – why wouldn’t there be software through which we could order pizza or help us book a flight or a hotel room.

Well, we are not far away from that happening. It is expected that chatbots that will be able to answer any of our questions and do a lot of things for us will be something ordinary in 2019.

According to a survey of 5,000 people, only 19% of them thought that chatbots are not something that should be part of our lives.

Seeing the evolution of the AI technology, especially with the help of Elon Musk, it’s very likely that we will have our very own personal assistant in 2019 – capable of so many more things than our simple Alexa.


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