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In the Analog TV broadcasts, we see black and white dot pixel pattern on TV screens that constantly move when there is no signal. This is commonly known as the noise. Since there will be no signal at the end of the antenna port under the perfect conditions, you should see black and white dot images on the screen, depending …

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Why multinational corporations should use Remote Access Software

Remote access software is a great way for multinational companies to reduce costs and improve productivity. Together with SNMP (simple network management protocol) helps minimize the amount of technical problems that your company’s computer systems might face. IT departments are the biggest beneficiaries here, but the positive effects will be felt companywide when you start using this technology. Remote access …

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Facebook rolls out redesigned Help Centre

Facebook rolled out its new service Facebook has given its Help Centre a facelift. Displayed since yesterday, the new look of the Help Centre with its big, colourful icons for Privacy Basics (Learn the Privacy Basics), See what’s new on Facebook, Report an issue, etc, is appealing. On the left hand side is a menu comprising Manage Your Account, Security, …

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Microsoft refreshes MSN homepage

Microsoft is giving its Microsoft Network (MSN) homepage a refresh, bringing it into line with the look and feel of Windows 8. MSN GM Bob Visse must have been chomping his way through a big book of marketingese, because in a blog post he described the new look as an “experience”, rather than say, “a website”. The new look will …

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Google is now the 2nd richest tech company after Apple

After Apple had been declared the most valuable tech company, going past Microsoft, its now Google’s turn to surpass the Bill Gates founded enterprise to become the new no.2 in the list of most valuable tech companies. For the first time in 8 years, since the California based search engine company went public, they have managed to surpass the 2nd …

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