Why Yoga Swings are the Next Best Thing to Add to Your Yoga Practice

Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise not only in maintaining physical health but also working to maintain proper mental health as well. Within the yoga community there is a diverse range of ways through which individuals structure their yoga practice. From hot yoga to more relaxation focussed practices yoga is a form of exercise that can be completely tailored to fit your needs.

More recently, one of the newest forms of yoga practice rising popularity is that of zero-gravity yoga that uses a yoga swing or yoga trapeze to suspend an individual in the air while moving through their poses during their practice. A yoga swing or a yoga trapeze is a swing-like support structure that is fastened to the roof of the room you are practicing in.

Not only do yoga swings allow you to suspend your body in the air while moving through your poses, but it also works as additional support to a wide range of different yoga postures, helping to provide the opportunity to further strengthen the muscles you are activating and improve overall flexibility.

In fact, yoga swings aka yoga trapezes are considered one of the most natural methods of inversion therapy available today and has been proven to help in improving lower back pain. Additionally, yoga swings can help to improve blood flow and circulation, support backbend poses, and build core and upper body strength overall.

Furthermore, in addition to having the proper equipment for your yoga practice like a yoga swing, its vital that you have the proper clothing to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. Yoga pants are a popular choice of activewear for those choosing to partake in any form of yoga practice.

Whether capris or boot cut yoga pants, yoga pants are made from flexible materials that allow for a wide range of movement while practicers move through the array of poses that comprise their yoga practice. Available from most activewear stores yoga pants come with diverse styles and patterns making them ideal for fitting your needs and personal style.



Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of activity for many individuals and with good reason. Not only does regular yoga practice help in maintaining strength and flexibility vital to maintaining optimal physical health, but the mindfulness associated with this practice is also highly important in ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy and relaxed mind as well.

Zero-gravity yoga has become a common form of yoga practice within the yoga community and the addition of a yoga swing or yoga trapeze to your practice can come with a wide range of health benefits and really help to enhance your yoga experience.

Allowing additional support for many poses, enhancing strength and flexibility building elements of your practice, and providing a healthy and safe form of inversion therapy, a yoga swing may be the next greatest thing for you to introduce into your regular workout routine.

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