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How to Make It Through Almost Anything With the Right Vehicle Survival Kit

You’ve heard the stories: a couple on their dream road trip to the desert finds themselves hopelessly lost. A family on its way to relatives drives along snowy roads and ends up in a ditch—the driver is one of the 100s involved in a massive highway accident. A typical drive to work can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Of course, you don’t like to think it could happen to you. But then, you don’t want to find yourself unprepared if something does. Vehicle safety expert Alex Perdikis cautions drivers ” … to prepare yourself mentally and physically beforehand…” for emergencies. And preparing for an emergency means having a survival kit in your car.

Sure, you can buy ready-made kits. But what’s in your car survival kit can be the difference between life and death. Your kit has to cover all of the basics as well as your individual needs. Here’s how to do it.

The Container

Look for a container you can see through, has a tight-fitting lid, and with enough room to store required items.

Surprisingly, you can get a lot in small containers, so experiment a bit if your vehicle space is limited. If you use a backpack or similar non-waterproof container, pack individual contents in waterproof bags before placing them in the container.


Backpacks have advantages, however, because they’re easy to carry if you need to walk. Plastic containers work well and come in a variety of sizes. Other container ideas include:

  • wheeled trash can: If you drive a pickup or large vehicle, a Rescue teams in the Canadian Arctic explain stranded people tend to finish off the food in their survival kits quickly. Then what? Dog food will sustain you in an emergency. If it makes you feel better, choose a human-grade dog food. And remember to buy a can with a pop-top lid.

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