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Vidmate is by far the best and the handiest streaming app for Android users in the market, and that, too, is free of cost. You don’t even need a membership or subscription to use it. You can browse and download movies and music into your memory and watch it online.

Vidmate provides an inbuilt browser where you can surf throughout Google and the web, and when on a page you want to download files, hitting the download extracting button will search and display all downloadable files. You can select files or download all of them with a click. You can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, YouTube, and many other sites.

Vidmate flaunts a simple and interactive user interface that does not screw up its users, as it has many features. Plus, there are no annoying ads to pop up in between movies and music.

A huge library of movies in many languages is available, which are updated every week. Movies from ancient times and the latest last week’s releases are available in dozens of languages and subtitles. The best feature of the app is its Live TV. Vidmate has over 200 Live TV channels, which are aired on the server. You can select a part of the shows to watch later, too.

All Vidmate content, including movies and music, is categorized based on genre, cast, reviews, ratings, size, and other small details, too, so that you can choose the right music or movie as per your taste.

Many formats such as mp3, mp4, Flv, and 3gp are available according to available resources. Several download quality options such as 180p, 320p, 1080p, and HD are available where the size and quality differ and suit your current needs.

All content in Vidmate is organized into hundreds of categories and subcategories so you have only the right movie on your watch list. Plus, all the films and videos are reviewed by Vidmate users so that you have an overview of what you will watch.

There is no download size limit, and hence, you can Vidmate supports multiple and background downloading, with which you can download multiple files simultaneously, so it eliminates your waiting time to the last, and you can even download the files when you close the app. Also, Vidmate can calculate the estimated time to download the file in advance so you can adjust the right quality and size with your internet speed.

Vidmate features daily, monthly, and weekly top lists, which feature fresh and new movies released last week and rates and reviews by large and renowned institutions, personalized by expert professionals on Vidmate.


Features of Vidmate
-Completely free of cost.
-Unlimited download size and number.
-Recommended list is updated daily
-Interactive but appealing simple user interface
-The content, like music and movies, according to genres, albums, and ratings.
-Rated and reviewed content
-Movies and music in many languages, including regional subtitles.
-Personalized recommendations.
-Downloads from virtually anywhere in the browser
-Live TV with 200+ channels!
-Millions of audio and songs with categories like albums and singers.
-Multiple quality, size, and speeds of download.
-No registration or subscription required.

Vidmate is better than any other app store, with loads of features and no ads.

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