3 Ways to Secure Your Business iPhone

Bring Your Own Device has nearly permeated modern business culture, as remote and office-based workers use their own technology to conduct business. However, this can open you and your company up to many security risks, especially since these devices will be used beyond the company walls for personal and work-related tasks. There are ways that IT departments and employees can be proactive about protecting sensitive data while using a BYOD approach for iPhones.

Business iPhone

Use a Passcode Lock

This is the first line of defense your phone has when it falls into someone else’s hands. You might have left your iPhone in a taxi, or maybe it was stolen. While this can be a tragedy due to the phone’s expense, it can be even worse if you haven’t secured the important work data stored on it, like contacts, email accounts, notes, and even passwords. If you haven’t set a passcode yet, do it now by jumping into the Settings menu and selecting “Passcode.” Pro tip: you can make your phone even more secure by turning off “Simple Passcode,” allowing you to create a custom password that includes letters, numbers, and special characters.


Avoid Mixing Social Media

If you plan to manage work patient health information, or personal emails. Just imagine your IT department’s sigh of relief when you tell them that a lost phone has been wiped clean of data.

iPhones used for both personal and business reasons can introduce many security concerns. You can protect data by setting passcodes and enabling device trackers. These efforts can pay off in the long run, protecting your data from digital thieves.

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