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5 Steps To Building Your Brand On Instagram

If you want to gain followers, persuade people, or promote your product, you only need to take away your customers’ hearts for your cause or effect in the first place. Make them think of your product repeatedly so they finally consider buying them. It would help if you had control or authority over your brand to encourage such an activity. And the best way you can do that is when you take the power of 71% of brands use Instagram for advertising and promotion. And they invest more in social media than in any other medium.


To be known in the industry, you must first consider the medium you wish to use for your cause.

This post will discuss how to use Instagram to build your brand.

Instagram is not just about photos and videos and food and selfies. You can do more by using Instagram.

Following are the steps you would need to build your brand.

Optimize the profile:

You will have to create consistency in the material you use throughout your accounts. Explain your cause and product without leaving any void. Explain why you are using Instagram for your work. Set your goals for the marketing campaign. Make your profile attractive to people and use catchy phrases. Make it simple for people to search for your brand.


Research your audience and create a schedule:

Do not upload a lot. If you do so, you will saturate the feeds of your followers. Organize and create a schedule. Try to know who you are reaching for your campaign. Try to understand what your audience needs to know about you and define your target audience. The more you know about them, the more you can work best.

Use a variety of images:

Use various styles of images. Do not let your audience get bored with the same kind of photos repeatedly. Try to create a balance between entertaining and business-related photos. Upload pictures that are relevant to your brand. Share the images of your work and tell the audience how you do things. Tell stories about your work and have a little bit of fun.

Develop a consistent style:

Use the same style of editing for every picture you use. The brightness col, contrast, and balance should be the same. Your color combination and color palette show your brand’s significance. Set up the same kind of layouts.

Engage with your followers:

The use of hashtags is top-notch these days. Use lots of hashtags to help your posts reach out to more and more people and, hence, get you more Instagram followers.

Use relevant hashtags in your status and comments. Create an atmosphere of conversation and answer to your audience. Nicely respond to them. To create a loyal following, visit their accounts and engage them with your posts.

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