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‘Cybersecurity’: you must have heard this term a lot of times – especially in the past year – in the news, blog posts, articles, almost everywhere! What does it mean? Why did it become popular just last year? And what does ‘Cyware’ have to do with cybersecurity? We will cover all these questions today. Cybersecurity is the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data or the measures taken to achieve this. In short, stay ahead of cybercriminals actively trying to steal your information, hack your accounts, and rob your money.

It applies to individuals and organizations and includes taking necessary precautions to avoid cyber-attacks and data breaches. Cybersecurity is being advocated these days actively due to the several cyber incidents that took place last year. 2016 has seen many breaches and attacks on general internet users and prominent organizations. Be it the Yahoo data breach (where around 500 million accounts got hacked), the DNC email leak (where prominent members of the DNC party were scammed, and sensitive information on their emails was released and then published by WikiLeaks), or the Bangladesh bank breach (where fake online transactions made the bank transfer money to individual accounts). All these incidents showed people that cybersecurity is the dire need of the hour and must be strictly implemented worldwide in every organization and home.

Cyware - Enabling cyber security, one news at a time 1

One must first be cyber aware to ensure strict cybersecurity measures and follow cyber hygiene. Cyber awareness is knowing and being informed about the various incidents happening across the cybersecurity world. Not just that, users must also know new technologies and preventive steps taken to counter Cyber news and blog posts – in a summarized fashion – so that users can use this information to keep themselves cyber aware. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to up their cybersecurity game with minimal effort.

Not only news, articles, and blog posts; the Cyware app also creates and publishes Cyber Glossary, Interesting cyber-related tweets, and popular facts. The well-curated information is structured perfectly into categories like Malware and vulnerabilities, Products and solutions, NextGen Tools, Threat Intelligence, and Expert Blogs. This categorization of news helps users of different backgrounds and positions (for example, a cybersecurity professional would like to read technical and more in-depth information than a general internet user) to choose the category of their preference. Everybody these days is associated with the internet in one way or another. If you have a social media account, use the internet to shop, or manage net banking, you must download Cyware.


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Now, cyber awareness is just a click away with Cyware.

We all want to stay ahead of cybercriminals, know the different malware they are using, other scams and tactics they are implementing, and secure ourselves. Also, knowing the technologies being developed to counter cyberattacks doesn’t hurt. But nobody has the time to go through newspapers and blog articles daily, search through millions of stories published, and try to find the most relevant and informative article. To rescue you from this, the Cyware app was developed. This app, powered by IBM Watson, searches the internet every hour to find articles about cyber news and pick the best ones. The app then created summarized versions by retaining only useful information so users get maximum knowledge and information quickly. The Cyware app is available in Google Play and App Store to facilitate timely news consumption.

These days, many new scams are coming into the market, and cybercriminals are using various tactics to dupe innocent internet users—for example, Vishing. Hackers obtain phone numbers, names, and other such details through a quick online search or social media. They then call the victims, introduce themselves as bank officials or government employees, and ask for bank account details like passwords, PINs, etc. The fraudsters implement social engineering techniques and scare, threaten, or manipulate victims into revealing their personal information. Once they get such information, criminals use it to transfer money into their accounts. Many such incidents happened worldwide, and users continued to fall victim, as they did not know this was a scam. Imagine having an app like Cyware, which would have warned the users; then, most of such incidents could have been stopped. There are a lot of such examples that prove that timely awareness can avoid a lot of cyberattacks.

Cyware app is not just for cybersecurity professionals or experts but for everybody. If you are a general internet user who uses the internet only to go online on social media or do shopping, this is for you. Each person has different needs with Cyware, and to facilitate this, the app categorizes news cards and separates them for professionals and general users. The purpose of the entire exercise is to generate cyber awareness among the users by providing timely feed and keeping them a step ahead of state and non-state threat actors.

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