Phone number monitoring is a crucial tool for many businesses to ensure that their phone or landline connections are working. Of course, business people cannot recheck the connection all time, right?

These solutions come in handy to increase the quality of the calls, which is one of the major reasons, why Call centres, Business people, and the private house would prefer to have such service. Basically PhoneNumberMonitoring is a real easy solution for your business and an All-in-one package.

The phone number monitoring adds value to your business with three plans which they have in their mainstream.


The advanced response time measurement feature enables you to schedule monitoring calls to test your phone line, landline, and fax machine to ensure that they are working fine, so you don’t have to worry about bad connection line.

Every company which requires their contaminations lines to work all time must get the service because you cannot check it manually all the time.

What features do you get?

IVR Testing – An amazing tool to check the menu trees that creates a professional environment for your business.

Call Response Time – When someone is connecting to you from a distance, then it takes time to reach the call, the tool will check that part and give you approximate results.

Toll-Free Testing – If your company has a dedicated toll-free number, then you can check the toll-free number, which will ensure that your toll-free number is running well.



Call Center Test – In case, if you are running a call centre, then you must have a dedicated number that connects to various lines, then it becomes difficult to handle, right? Then having this tool enables you to keep a check on the lines.

How does it work?

You have to install software provided by the company; then you have to schedule monitor calls so that you can check the connections.

1 – The program will make a call, then once the call answered, then greeting will begin.


2 – When the agent answers the call, then the executive has to enter the code.


3 – Now the details will be saved to your PC or installed the program.

Whenever there is a problem in your connection, you will be notified in the program dashboard, and you can take action immediately.

The company has three packages,

1 – Business.

2 – Private.

3 – Call centre.

Each package comes with unique benefits, and these packages are optimized for people who are into a serious business. We all need quality of service, where we cannot compromise, so the company has planned it properly.


Coming to the price, which is an important aspect of the smaller business.

First, you have to select on how many numbers you want to test the connection. Starting price for 5 number is $10.

Second, you must also purchase call credits, to make calls to check the connections. For 80 credits, you are charged $10.


Let us know which part would you like to change and what points you liked about the Phone Number Monitoring company in the comment section.