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Digital Marketing Is Shifting the Paradigm of The Market

Today, Digital Marketing is no longer limited to a persuasive captivating website, email marketing or effective online strategies. In the recent times, it has become assimilating all the digital aspects in to business marketing. Therefore, of course, a wide knowledge of the channels and platforms are needed to continue business operations while enticing customers. Practically speaking, digital marketing is nothing …

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AdnowReview – The Advertiser Friendly Native Ad Platform to Buy Traffic

The internet has come to rescue of the advertisers who are looking to enhance their reach by targeting the mass audience. The internet has made it possible for the advertisers to reach audience of different locations and countries worldwide and influence them as well. One of the finest ad networks that have emerged for the advertisers ( in the recent …

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12 Signs That You Are Addicted to Porn

Many people have a tendency to believe it’s impossible to be addicted to pornography because it’s just something that people look at for a brief time and then forget about. Sadly, this is not the case; for many, the harsh reality of pornography addiction is something they have to face and battle daily. Since so many people watch pornography, it’s …

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The Top 5 Things to Expect From the 115th Congress

There’s been a lot of speculation about what will happen in America when the new president takes office in a few weeks, but little has been written about the legislature. With the Republican party having control of two branches of government and a green light to tip the balance in the judiciary, the people in the U.S. – as well …

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How to Secure Your iPhone from Hackers

Many people mistakenly believe their iPhones are invulnerable to hackers. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Last year, a group of hackers penetrated and stole data from over 225,000 iPhones. This wasn’t the first time hackers were able to take advantage of iPhone users. It probably won’t be the last either, so it’s important to take as many …

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