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Simple but Important Cybersecurity Tips for Start-ups

Start-ups cannot be lenient or flexible when it comes to cybersecurity. Your business must be secure from the beginning in order to reduce risk for cyberattacks and build trust with new customers. Imagine being a victim of hacking when your business is just starting to take off. That’s a devastating scenario. You can drastically reduce your risk for such a …

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10 Twitter Experts’ Tips for New Businesses

Twitter is part art and part science. When used properly, it can give your company much-needed visibility in the market — and a potentially decisive edge over the competition. On the other hand, Twitter has more than its share of pitfalls. If you’re new to the platform, it’s best to learn from those who’ve been using it — successfully — …

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Tegra K1 -The New Wonder Chip for online gaming and casinos


The Tegra K1, Nvidia’s new graphics mobile CPU, will open the world of high end graphics technology to mobile devices, making tablets a viable alternative to play technology demanding games. Going by the reputation of Nvidia, such a scenario will bring the famous online casino games to mobiles and tablets, opening an altogether new business segment for the gambling industry. …

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How we test Web browsers


Web browsers The Web browser is the most-used kind of software in the world, having become the de facto way that people access the Internet. Today, virtually all computing tasks can be completed in the browser. Testing browsers can veer from incredibly complex to shockingly simple, depending on what you’re looking for and why. At CNET, we prefer a holistic …

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Kinds of mobile Ringtones

Mobile ringtones are available countless choices. In the existing times, you can find ratings of ringtones that may perk up the worth of your mobile phones. The creators of mobile sounds are arising with more and more choices of ringtones in order to make these tunes and melodies way more fascinating and helpful for all. In each and every form …

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