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Monitor WhatsApp messages like never before with this quirky hack


WhatsApp is almost 6 years old now, and at the time when it first got released, the technological environment was entirely different, and smartphones were just a novelty. Even though Ericsson R380, the first device that was marketed as a smartphone got released in 2000, still it took a lot of years for the smartphones to evolve into a real …

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Best and Cheap Web Hosting for Newbie Bloggers

Choosing a service or a product is always a difficult task when there are many options and when you are new at that work or have little or no experience, the tasks becomes even more difficult as you don’t have firsthand knowledge of the pitfalls and problems. Blogging is another such world where there are many options to choose from …

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The Things which are Required to Launch a Website

Whenever a website is to be launched there are certain requirements which a person need to fulfill. These are like having a name for that website which should relevant to business so that it could represent it, a space for the site on the Internet and finally an email-id to communicate. All these things are equally important and without any …

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5 DIY projects to save money and the environment


Our increasing carbon footprint is having profound, negative effects on our environment. Every second of the day, the sun is sending energy to the earth. The earth absorbs this energy and heats up. Unabsorbed energy goes back into space, which causes the earth to cool down. Nature has put this system in place, however, we impact this process with our …

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Website Builders Offer a Leg Up for Small Businesses

Most small businesses are not on their way to a round of start-up financing, and whether yours is experiencing success or struggle, you no doubt need affordable tools that keep your business humming and help it succeed. Arguably, the most important of these would be your website. Sure, you could get by having just a business page on Facebook, and …

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