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WHAT IS The INTERNET? The Internet is a global village; A Global Market connected through computer windows and the service providers.

It is the latest scientific development of the propagation of all levels of the information and marketing world. It could also be said that it is a transformation in the development of electronics to widen the capabilities of Data processing systems to expand the opportunities for application.

The first generation of computers was to assist the scientists in war potentials and efficiency. But as time proceeded, man’s thought metamorphosed into thinking of greater efficiency in their Daily and Industrial activities. And as they developed, the objective was to develop a better, more versatile, more useful computer that will work faster, store more information, require less power, occupy less space, and cost less as we have today Minicomputers like the Desktop and the Laptop.

However, the goal was to build and program computers so that they could accept instructions in a language closed to men. Ultimately many years ago the computer scientist hoped to develop machines that would be able to read ordinary printed matter, and that can respond to spoken words as we have today.


Just to digress a little more, the computer scientist prayed and worked for a storage where information would be communicated and processed more accurately and with less cost by networking integrated data processing systems as we have now. They even contemplated a time when paper bank checks, vouchers, etc. will disappear in many actions. Instead of handing an employee his paycheck, they thought that a paymaster someday simply instructs a computer, serving a bank, to credit the employee’s earnings to his bank account. Alas, today computer scientists have seen their dream come true, and the most interesting thing in their Developments is the COLLAPSE IN SPACE and TIME. Their success is beyond their specifications; communication becomes easier, No more barrier between space and time. Computer Scientists have brought the whole world together as One GLOBAL MARKET.


Today’s Internet is the largest and the Richest market within a space that you can ever think of—even the Trillion dollars in Wall Street.

Extended daily in Money business is just a tip of the iceberg of what the Internet portends to represent. Because the cash flow within the internet market is more than the treasury of the whole world bankers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs plus the individual cash vaults put together, which in the estimate is more than 30 trillion dollars per day.

No wonder Bill Gate the Mastermind of the present pedestal to the development of Windows and software, which are catalysts for the development of the Internet, is named the richest individuals globally.

Is this not enough for us to know that the opportunity for successful legitimate business on the Internet is vast and around? I need to specify that the internet has reduced the stress that men went through in working and business transactions and the aftermath of traffic stress and jams and the hustle and puzzles of the vast daily activities, actions, and interaction resultant to them. It should also be noted that with the Internet without leaving the closet of your room. You can tour the whole world and transact business both with rich men entrepreneurs and industries without even having a glimpse and the knowledge you are dealing with. I willThereforebrI will eat herewith 7 tried, tested, trusted, fastest, successful, and legitimate ways of doing business and becoming rich and even becoming a Millionaire within a period of one to three months only you would do and act according to the rules. I am moved to put up this write up simply because any Cybercafe I visited during the course of my research. I always met a crowd of youths jam-parking each cafe, but when I pried into what most people are doing you discover that scam and fraud are the order of the day. Therefore something urgently needs to be done to make people aware of the money-making and business opportunities that abound on the Internet.

As I said the Internet is a marketplace decorated with supermarkets, shops, industries, Banks, Offices etc. displayed as websites, mini-sites, and blogs. It is comparable to the physical world of offices, supermarkets, industries, shops,s and the like. So as you have the genuine, so you have the fake for you not to fall prey to the fake, so you need people like me and other Internet marketing experts or consultants or information dispensers in the industry. This is the information age.

Then the information is required to lead you to your area of interest. What you can do as a beginner to the Internet to make money honestly and legitimately and be rich in DOLLARS AND IN NAIRA even without raising a finger.

The Fastest channel to get out of poverty is through Internet marketing and information dispenser. But note that Internet marketing is very vast, and as a beginner, you cannot just jump into it without having somebody who will hold you by the hand and lead you to step by step. So if only you will follow my advice and make use of the secret I expose to you in this write-up, you will want to know me afterward and thank me for it.

The best way to start a business and be successful is to sign up for affiliate marketing products.


Affiliate Marketing is the buying of the franchise from a developed and hot selling products. This market has numerous products already developed with automated machinery that facilitates promotion, Advertisement, Sales letters, and prospect catchers. When you sign up, your money gives you a website, a mono-type copy website of a mega-one. All the products you have in the mega website are also represented in your prototype one, including the automation, promotion, Ads, Banners, Newsletters, autoresponders, and more interestingly, the sales and account page. So in effect, you have the exact carbon copy of the industry and virtual managing secretary (called the Auto-responder) that catches the prospects and responds to their requests even when you are sleeping. Even in your sleep, actions and transactions are going on. People can visit your virtual company created for you as a website and purchase, and as they purchase, your 75% commission in streams is credited to your account site without you raising a finger.

I say in streams because somebody that buys or signs up through you will also receive the same services of a website created for him, and any sales made in his website will also generate a commission to your account without you even know when the transaction took place and without you even raising a finger. Inn effec, thist is a lazy man’s way of sleeping and working and making hounds of money, either Dollar or Naira depending on your choice. If you are interested in this stage, you can register to click bank. Com, plugin,, Though you might have difficulties crashing through because some of these industries may not accept Nigerians, that is where we come in But with them and male Thousands of Dollars monthly even above $5000 and cash your money (Dollar check) sent to you here in Nigeria through a mobile phone or any speed post of your choice. Ewen Chia is one of the most successful Internet marketers in the world. For you to be successful, the rules must be adhered to. You must promise to work honestly without recourse to fraud and scams because as soon as they discover fraud, they will not hesitate to stop your transaction. As concerns Affiliate marketing I have other Hot Affiliates you can sign up with and make rounds of Dollars monthly, which because of space. I may not include my e-mail address and telephone number herewith included in this write up for contact.


The second best bet to make a minimum of $5000 monthly and even above N1,000,000 monthly is to sell information products. The information has already overtaken the world’s activities because we are in the information Age, both spiritual and physical. Do you see what preaching the gospel has done to the church in this century? Information is the bedrock or the core of marketing. Information products sell like wildfire. Somebody needs information about his ailment somewhere. The moment he learns of the solution to his ailment don’t you think he will jump at it and even beg you to pay your price for it? Information marketing is what the experts call” The Ultimate Money Ritual” because as you enter into it, people will be rushing at you and begging you to pay what you have for your price no matter how much. As you charge the book I have put up on this course is elaborate enough for whoever wants to do business and succeed on the internet and only limited excerpts can only be dispensed with here for your perusal. So if you want to know more call me or email me the concerning same. As an information age, everything that affects man physically and spiritually is made bare for the consumption of whosoever to maximize upon through it. To do this business, you need to know other things and put other things together to package and how to sell and where and to whom. And for you to register success, you must play the game by the rules – This is where I come in. On the Internet, your business is not limited to your localities only. As you sell and make money in Naira so also you sell and make money in Dollars. The people from the western world, Europeans, Americans, and others don’t have payment problems here, So payment is not their problem. In information marketing, you can do business with the whole world with your mobile phone and receive your money into your bank account here in Nigeria.

To do this business, no special qualification is required your best qualification is your mobile phone, Your bank account, a low start-up capital, No age barrier, can be done anywhere anytime, Does not need too many struggles, Your market covers the whole world, It is the quickest, legitimate way to get out of poverty it is not affected by economic crunch, It exposes you to the international world, and it has a high return on investment.


Click bank is also a marketing organization where you can join some other good tried and tested Affiliates. It is also a market with more than 100,000 products in its custody, which you can sell and earn 75% commission. Your money will be registered and posted into your account with them and as you want. It can be sent down to you here in Nigeria. But this company does not list Nigeria in its membership, but we have the solution to that. I can sign you up, and once you sign up, you must behave and work honestly without recourse to fraud, and any other thing would no longer matter to them.


Some people even focus only on paid surveys online, and they make thousands of dollars monthly, and you can make up to $3000 monthly. To some companies, your opinion counts for the development of their products. They are never tired of your opinion no matter how many people are involved. Contact me therewith for the companies. Most of the companies pay $20 per survey. The more survey you do, the better for you.


Domain Name is called real Estate on the Internet. Domain Name is a specific name given to a thing or organization. The name you give to a thing or organization. The name you give to your company, your market, depicts what you do. For the name to attract people or traffic to your market or site or whatever, It must speak for itself. It must have the potentials of catching the attention of the public.

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