Fasting like a pro: how to do without food for prolonged periods

Looking to cleanse your spirit in 2017? Have a cause that needs to be brought to the attention of the world? By engaging in a fast, both of these objectives can be achieved.

Many spiritual leaders (such as Prophet TB Joshua) have engaged in this practice before, so know that you are far from the first person to think about engaging in this type of quest.

Here’s what you need to know if you are thinking about engaging in a fast shortly…

1) Why are you fasting?

Most people do not undertake this significant feat for no reason at all. Are you doing it to draw attention to a specific cause? Do you need to establish spiritual clarity in your life?

Before committing to a fast, enter into prayer and meditation to obtain specific instructions from the Lord.


By doing this, you will know exactly why you are setting out to deny yourself food for an extended period of time, which will help strengthen your spirit before this trying time begins.

2) Determine the length

Next, you should determine the length of the fast that you are about to undertake. Your preparations for this test will depend greatly on how many days you choose to go without nourishment.

Little preparation (other than mentally arming yourself against hunger pangs) is required for a 30-hour fast. In contrast, significantly more detailed plans are required for those planning to go many days or weeks without a single solid morsel of food.

No matter what happens, you will at least need to drink fluids along the way, as humans cannot last more than a few days without water.

Those aiming to cleanse their spirit should seriously consider drinking juice to keep their strength up if they plan to go more than a few days without food.

If you are planning to draw attention to a cause by going on a hunger strike, be sure to enlist a doctor’s services to supervise your condition medically.

The degradation of your body will be incentive enough for targeted authorities to pay attention to the plight you are highlighting; you do not need to sacrifice your life.

3) Prepare your body and spirit

As mentioned above, you will need to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the trials you are about to endure.

Start by confessing all your sins to God before beginning your period of denial, then contact your physician if you will go without food for more than a few days.

This is especially important if you are on prescription medication or have an established medical condition; being spiritual is a worthy cause, but it is not worth risking your life unnecessarily.

Two days before you begin your fasting period, begin by eating smaller meals, avoiding foods with high fat or sugar content, and focusing on eating raw fruits and vegetables.

4) Establish a set routine

The hunger pangs and dizziness you will suffer in the first couple of days will gnaw at your resolve.

Distract yourself from these physical manifestations of weakness by establishing a prayer and meditation routine, going on short walks, and meeting in fellowship with fellow fasters.

Stay strong together, and your first fast will go easier than you expect.

5) Ease back into your normal eating patterns slowly

Do not break your fast by indulging in a massive meal. Over the course of your multi-day abstention from food, the size of your stomach will contract significantly.

By immediately returning to a meal size that you are used to, you will have serious indigestion, or in some cases, this practice can cause serious health problems.

Begin by having small meals, and then work your way up to a portion size that will be healthy for you in the long term.

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