Setting up a bank account isn’t just about setting aside money. It opens doors to other ways to handle currency. Be it to live cashless, to invest, or to keep an emergency fund in case of problems when you go abroad, having a bank account allows individuals to live their lives to the fullest. People associate living the good life to splurging on big ticket items, but what about security? Having an account allows you to live beyond the right here, right now. Whether you are a resident of the US or not, here are the three best ways you can open a US bank account.

  1. Head over to a branch near you

The easiest way to get a US bank account is, of course, to be a resident. If you are and you don’t have a bank account already, think about the convenience the account provides. You can pick and choose what kind of account to get that best suits your lifestyle. There are five different kinds of accounts:

  • Savings
  • Basic Checking
  • Interest-Bearing Checks
  • Money Market Deposits
  • Certificates of Deposits.

If you have nothing in mind and you feel secure with your current lifestyle perhaps a regular savings account might be what you need. But if you are looking for a place for your money to grow, carefully select accounts that allow you to invest in your future. Between now and 20 years, how do you see yourself living? Make an informed decision.



  1. Consider creating a US business

If you aren’t a resident, you may opt to create a US company. After getting your business license, business address, and tax identification number, you can have a US bank account. It might seem like a lot of work, but in this globally competitive world, it is worth the effort. All the small fees and discrepancy in currency may accumulate. If you buy or sell products in the US, having a bank account makes the transactions smoother.

  1. Go online!

Another option for non-residents are alternative platforms. All of the transactions are done online, and there is no need to make an appearance. When you are pressed for time, and you need the bank account ASAP, online platforms work fast. There is no need to apply for any special license, business address, or US tax identification number. Making an account uses information readily available to you and there is no need to wait weeks for approval.

Be ready for all kinds of things, in both your personal life or in your professional one. Opening a bank account provides security now, for keeping emergency funds or back up cash abroad, and will serve in the future should you choose to invest. Live your life to the fullest, both today and tomorrow.