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Utilising Social Media for Your Business

Social Media has in fact been around since the 1980’s and 1990’s with facilities such as bulletin boards and internet relay chat however it has only just recently come with prevalence to the mainstream. You may have noticed this from the emergence of Social Media titans such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and many more. However these businesses as creators of the networks weren’t the only ones to benefit from the social media boom. Many companies worldwide have encompassed the growth and explosion of social media for their own benefit, whether this be to distribute viral content across the globe to millions of people in seconds or to advertise sales. For example if you’re a high quality cheap wholesale cabinet’s supplier you can expand your reach to potential customers.

Why is it so vital?

Now we are going to look at some of the reasons as why social media is vital to the success of businesses and break down each of the points:-

  • It is extremely cost effective – before social media companies would be thousands or even more for TV or Radio adverts and campaigns however the actual cost of posting content on social media is free – the creation of the content is the only cost.
  • It gets your brand out there – close to 2 billion people use Facebook and that is a huge potential audience for your brand, more so in fact than any other method with the exception of word of mouth.
  • You can speak to your customers – rather than your customers having to wait days for a reply off an email or waiting on hold on the phone they can simply tweet your companies page or message you through Facebook and a response in a much timelier manner.
  • Increased traffic to your website – you can immensely increase the amount of traffic heading to your website by persuading visitors to your social media pages to visitor your website thus bringing awareness of products and services.
  • Social Media and consistency are now a key part of the modern day SEO formulas in order to increase and enhance your rank on search engines such as Google.
  • Customers can provide feedback and get their concerns dealt with faster through social media channels. They will also feel more valued as a customer when they have a personalised reply on your social media page rather than having a generic answer provided over the phone or through email.
  • You can boost your reputation both in the industry and the marketplace – acts of good will and good PR statements can help improve the reputation of your company.

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A final few words

Very few companies in the modern day have managed to thrive and even more survive without the integration of social media in all parts of their business plan and strategy. Today we’ve looked at just some of the benefits of having social media included in your strategy. These aren’t the only advantages but some of the main ones that a business considering the implementation of social media would be interested in and persuaded towards. It is also important that you do social media right as any oversight or negligence in how you go about your social media channels can be equally as harmful as it can be productive and beneficial to your company. Simply explained if something offensive is posted on your social media account rather than it reaching millions in a positive way it has in fact done the opposite.

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