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9 Apps vs Google Play Store – Why 9 Apps is Better?

9 Apps vs. Google Play Store – Why 9 Apps is Better? Language support- The biggest downside of Google Play Store is that it does not have an option to switch languages according to its choice. In the age of increasing smartphone usage, a larger width of classes is attracted. With only English language support, users may not explore their phones to their full potential. At the same time, 9apps’s language is its strength. 9apps offers all details on its content in regional languages. This way, an even larger class of smartphone users can download apps just like all other people. Plus, these translations are reliable and accurate. Hence, there will be no difficulty for a person who doesn’t know English to use apps.

Data compression technology – 9apps sports an advanced data compression technology that saves data efficiently. While browsing through apps in 9apps, you will lose almost no data. Plus, the apps are in APK format. This means that the app sizes are petite to download. Hence, just a negligible amount of data is all that will cost for the app to download. While saving data, at the same time, it saves memory by avoiding unnecessary storage wastage. On the contrary, Google Play Store has no such features. In turn, it uses up a lot more data while loading the animated videos, and there is no option to turn it off.

9Apps - 3rd Party Android AppStore

More relevant recommendations – Google Play Store boasts about security, but at the same time, it does not offer appropriate advice for apps to download. All the apps are purely based on their algorithm and not your searches. On the other hand, 9apps can do both jobs without breaching your security. 9apps has an advanced recommendation system that automatically refines your search results and gives you relevant apps to download. Remembering your privacy, none of your history and searches reach even the 9apps server. Surely, the best thing about 9apps that boggles minds is that the suggestions are too relevant to be true!

Price comparison – If you are an online shopping geek, 9apps does the best thing imaginable for you. compares all products, and when you search for a product, it displays the best price after reaching it from websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, and many other online stores. It shows you the best price and ratings to decide on and pick up the product with the best reviews and lowest prices. Google Play Store never thought out of the box.


Coupons – This is the best part about 9apps that keeps its users loyal. 9apps has coupons for many sites and stores like Flipkart and eBay, where you can apply those coupons. You can also search for a website on 9apps, and it will show you all the tips tri,cks, and coupons so that you get the best in return for nothing.

9apps is visibly better in terms of features and technology systems. Google Play Store is certainly smooth, but it lacks the features that 9apps possesses. Download 9Apps from

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