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HWY Pro: Could This App be the Uber of Trucking?

Uber was once the Big Disruptive App that changed an industry forever. Though the company has recently been through some tough times, nobody disputes that Uber set the bar high for disruptive apps. The ride-sharing phenomenon streamlined passenger services for countless customers around the world. Since then, countless apps have tried to become the Uber in their respective industry. One app, called HWY Pro, might be coming close to that goal.

HWY Pro—An App for Truckers

The envisioned by Bill Busbice, a veteran entrepreneur, with two business partners. The app is designed uniquely for truck drivers independent owner-operators. Busbice formerly managed a trucking company that served the oil and gas industry. During his tenure, he noticed how inefficient truckers were because they spent so much time arranging loads. Independent truckers typically must spend hours securing loads and planning long hauls. This is time the driver could have spent with family or resting. It was a longtime goal of Busbice to develop innovative solutions to the innate inefficiencies in the trucking industry.


He dreamt of an idea to develop a mobile app that could help truckers. Busbice keenly noted that truckers were highly dependent on their smartphones. When apps were a rising trend, Busbice decided to pour resources into developing a smartphone app. The app is currently in its initial rollout stage. Unlike most trucker technology directed at large trucking dispatchers, HWY Pro is showing signs of becoming a hit with customers. If the rollout goes as planned, the app could become one of the foremost tech tools employed by truckers.

Why is HWY Pro Important?

The app is one of a kind because instead of offering truckers cute tools like alarm clocks and sleep aids, it straight up tackles one of the most enduring problems of being an independent truck driver: high inefficiency levels. The app lets truck drivers accomplish an array of things in 6 screen taps or less. Truckers can incredibly arrange tens of thousands of loads with just a handful of taps. That is dozens of hours saved filling out forms, calling shippers, negotiating with intermediaries, and waiting at truck stops.

The app makes a team of specialists available to negotiate prices on behalf of users and arrange loads to arrive at destinations based on the trucker’s current location. That is practically outsourcing a large amount of work independent truckers do at a highly affordable price. Truckers can also use other features like smart route planning and smart notifications to organize loads on the go.

“Just Drive”

That’s the brand motto of HWY Pro. The intention is to allow truckers more hours to focus on driving and resting. Just like how Uber streamlined consumer commuting, HWY Pro is set to streamline load transportation for truckers. If the app is as successful as the developers hope it would be, then the trucking industry could face a major disruption that promotes efficiency.

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