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5 Simple Tricks To Increase YouTube Views

In today’s era, YouTube presents a huge opportunity for business owners willing to plunge into video marketing. Video can provide a serious boon regarding engagement for your business.

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Do you want to increase YouTube views but don’t know where to start? Do you think your video is not getting the recognition it deserves? If yes, you do not need to worry because we have covered you with a few little-known tricks that could help skyrocket your YouTube video views. This article outlines some simple tricks to increase YouTube views. Moreover, you can also go for the best site to buy YouTube views.

1- Create valuable video content

The first and foremost simple trick to increase YouTube views is to create great video content because the video’s content is essential in deciding the number of views it will get. We usually consider writing quality content in blog posts, articles, or SEO copywriting because the quality of content helps you rank better. In the same way, quality content should be a priority while creating YouTube videos as well. Your video content should either educate or entertain your viewers. Remember that if your content successfully keeps your viewers engaged, getting more views will be a breeze.

2- Cross-platform promotion

Cross-platform promotion is usually considered the best way to increase YouTube views. Sometimes, only creating and uploading a video on YouTube does not give us the number of pictures we want. Therefore, you must promote your video to reach your targeted global audience. Cross-platform promotion plays a vital role in generating video views. Moreover, sharing your video as soon as you post will generate a decent number of ideas for your video. For the cross-platform promotion of your videos, you must also share your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. For this, you have to apply various social media marketing strategies.

3- Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

To increase YouTube views, try to use descriptive and keyword-rich titles. A descriptive and interesting title is significant. It usually does two things. First, it provides keywords for the algorithm to sort for relevance purposes. Secondly, it attracts users and informs them about the video. There are typical SEO methods like keyword planners that you can use to conduct keyword research. To check the keyword popularity on YouTube, go to keyword planner and select YouTube search on the far right. This step will help you because optimizing your video content for the right keywords helps gain organic views by informing users and the search engine what your video is about.

4- Use Tags

Using YouTube video tags can further help you to distinguish what your video content is about. It also helps the algorithm understand what users will view when they see your video. Along with your description and title, YouTube video tags also reflect the core of your video. So, it is essential to use appropriate tags if you want to increase your YouTube views.

5- Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Optimizing your thumbnail image is another simple trick that can work wonders when increasing your YouTube views, whether they are on the organic results page, suggested videos section, or appearing on social media. Moreover, try to use high-quality images that feature readable and engaging fonts.


Try these simple tricks to increase YouTube views, build your brand, and boost dropshipping sales.

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