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Top Pet Gadgets for your Furry Best Friend

We humans, we love our pets, the joyful sound of their paws running across the floor to greet us when we come home, the smile on their face when they sit at your feet looking up at you expectantly, and the unconditional love they give us, even when we accidentally kick them on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It only fits that the furry best friends we keep in our lives get the best gadgets to ensure a fun and easy life with their human companion. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the must-have gadgets for your pet for the year ahead.

Top Pet Gadgets for your Furry Best Friend 1

Pet Cam and Treat Giver

Ever wanted to know what your pet gets up to once you’ve left for work? With an internet-connected pet webcam, you can tune into the view throughout your day and find out what Fido really does when you leave the house. Some models even include a two-way speaker, so you can communicate with your pet, although keep in mind they won’t be able to see you and might cause confusion for some canines. A couple of market-leading designs also include a treat distributor that fires off treats for your pet to enjoy at the touch of a button!

GPS Collar or Tag

Some dogs are built to follow their noses, and while a well-trained pooch will respond to your recall, some dogs can’t help but get to the end of the smelly trail before coming back. If you are worried about your pup wandering off into the forest or woods on your walk, a GPS collar or pet tag is the solution to your concerns. Paired to a mobile phone app, certain tags allow for real-time tracking. In contrast, others hold your full details and can be tapped with a smartphone to send you an up to date notification of your dog’s location and allow whoever found your pet to get in touch with you quickly and easily. See this site for information on ordering your pet a dog tag.

Automatic Fetch Machine

Ever stood in a field and thrown a ball for your dog over a hundred times? He will gladly keep going, but we tend to tire much quicker, especially in our minds! If your dog goes gaga for ball games, invest in an “automatic ball fetch machine,” while they sound fairly Sci-Fi, they allow your dog to play with himself for hours or until he tires, and your pup can be easily trained to use the machine. Most designs feature a wide mouth bucket where your dog drops the ball into a “firing” mechanism that shoots the ball out for your dog to catch or chase.

Hands-free Lead

Ever needed to take a phone call on a walk with your pet? Maybe it’s been a cold morning, and you’ve fancied a coffee to warm you up, but your dog has made a mess, and it’s time to get the bags out. It gets awkward quickly trying to juggle your dog’s lead and anything else, which is where the hands-free dog walking lead comes in. Attaching around your middle or to your belt, most designs feature an elastic section for a bit of giving and a locking mechanism to keep your pooch down by your side in busy or public areas. There is plenty of different hands-frees leads available falling under different price brackets, and it’s best to try a few to find one that fits you both most comfortably.

Super Smart Pet Doors

Gone are the days that your pet door is a simple plastic flap; nowadays, pet doors come with automatic and timed locks, special entry collars, and doors that mechanically open upwards. Coming for 2019 are the connected or “smart pet doors” featuring internet connectivity to allow or restrict free movement through the pet door, tracking to see how often your pet uses the door, insulated seals to prevent heat loss, and even a delivery model that allows delivery drivers to scan a barcode for temporary access to leave your parcel. Now that’s smart!

Our pets are at the center of our world and if you are a tech-lover or someone that goes crazy over gadgets, isn’t only fair to fit out your fur-ever friend too?

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