Pre-Home Sale Checklist

When you’re preparing to move home, it is easy to let all the excitement come over you and distract you from focussing on what’s important: getting your home ready for the big day. If you have yet to still clinch the deal and make the final sale, there are a few things which you will need to take care of first.

The modern housing market is tough, and you really have to pull out all the stops in order to stand the best possible chance of not only selling your home but getting your asking price (and then some).

#1: Does Your House Look Nice?

Packing all of your possessions into boxes and tearing the place apart is something which you should be saving for when you have made your sale and you have a final moving day. It’s not something you should be doing whilst people are still coming to view the property!

Your house needs to give off a good first impression and look nice in order to have the best chance of selling quickly. You should put a lot of effort into home staging and ensure that your home looks picture perfect, and this may even mean your house looks nicer than it actually did before it was up for sale.

#2: Have Any Outstanding Repairs Been Done?

The easiest way to put off a potential buyer and destroy their interest is to have things around the house which are broken or require some attention. Whilst it may seem anti-productive to start investing money into your home – especially to fix the little things – when you are moving, however, you never know what your buyers are thinking and something which may seem like a slight problem to you could completely put somebody off.

You can quite easily earn any money back spent on repairing the little things from the final sale of your home.

#3: Is Everything Neutral?

The best way you can present your home to potential buyers is as a blank canvas and you should invest some time and money de-personalizing the space and having the décor re-done to be neutral. Potential buyers should be looking at your home like a blank canvas and imagining everything they could do to it to make it their own.

Research has shown that potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to a property which is decorated with neutral colors and where the space has been de-personalized – it is more exciting viewing a home which is ready to be decorated and where it is easy to stage your vision for the space than one where it is hard to imagine what can be done with the space because it is heavily decorated and personalized to the previous owners’ tastes.

Selling your home is an exciting time and it is easy to get ahead of yourself and forget about what’s important – making the final sale. You do not need high education like All that is needed is a focus on something that is presentable. You should put the effort in to ensure the space is presentable and neutral to stand the best chance of success.

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