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Google earns flak for messing up colours in Independence day doodle


Google earns flak for messing up colours When it comes to capturing the essence of any important and joyous occasion on the Internet, Google’s doodles are known to be more or less spot-on. But when Googlers in India woke up to their 67th Independence Day celebrations yesterday, they were in for a little disappointment. The corrected version of the doodle …

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Facebook said to be placing ratings higher up on Pages

Facebook is taking into consideration putting a company’s five-megastar rating in an outstanding place on Pages. The social community is quietly trying out putting the rating below the company’s identify on an industry page, TechCrunch stated on Thursday. The startup blog was tipped off to the trade through an unidentified source and printed an image exhibiting the feature in action. …

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Anti-social Media: Hell is Other People helps you avoid ‘friends’


Anti-social Media: Hell is Other People So, the social media is supposed to bring you closer to friends, family and like-minded people around the world, right? Here’s an experience in social media that will help you avoid people. Called “an experiment in anti-social media,” Hell is Other People will allow you to position yourself far away from your “friends”. The …

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10 killer new features in Word 2013


features A word processor is indispensable for anyone who creates documents, be it for work, school, or writing angry letters to your representatives in Congress. Now that Microsoft has finally released Office 2013 to the general public, we’re naming what we think are the 10 best new features in Word 2013. (We reviewed the whole enchilada last December, when it …

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The site that claims to know if someone died in your house

The reply to your creepy feelings? Each seeing that you have got moved into your new location, issues have not long past rather right, have they? You did not get the promoting to senior administrative center librarian. You think your lover is seeing any person else. And then there may be those bizarre feelings when you go into the 2d …

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