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Logmatic Review – a log analyzer that’s pretty handy

When it comes to logs along with various machine events, then you can certainly use which specializes in it. With logmatic, you can easily summarize what is happening across your environment. It is among the best Log Analyzer. provides you the ability to centralize all of your logs and machine related data on a SAAS platform along with …

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Feed me: eBay rolls out new homepage to all users


Feed me: eBay rolls out eBay just got a lot more personal for all of its users. The e-commerce and payments giant today officially rolled out its Web site redesign, the biggest change in its history. eBay first introduced the new features, which it says creates a more personalized experience, in October. Since that time, eBay has allowed site visitors …

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ESPN to kill 3D broadcasts citing ‘limited’ interest


  ESPN’s announcement that it will shut down its 3-D channel by the end of the year is the latest sign the format won’t revolutionize entertainment as the industry once hoped.Troubling signs for 3-D have been on the horizon for a last year or so. ESPN 3D’s audience ratings were below The Nielsen Co.’s measurable threshold, and in March, the …

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Hands On With Skype for Windows Phone 8


Skype Apps Of Skype Skype might be the killer app for Windows Phone 8. On the new Windows Phones, Skype will work just like phone calls – you’ll be able to call anyone any time, and receive calls just as if they were ordinary phone calls. The app won’t quite be running in the background, Microsoft told me. Since Microsoft owns Skype, …

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How to improve your website’s social media strategy

Social media has a very important role to play for every business organization. Regardless of the size of your brand or business, harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other sites out there makes sense for many reasons. Of course, your social media strategy centers around your website in a very big way. Your efforts at improving …

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