WordPress Blog Marketing – How to Get a Flood of Free Search Engine Traffic!

What Realtor or agent would not want hundreds of unfastened site visitors beating a direction to their internet site or blog? We spend countless hours and small fortunes attracting potentialities to our websites and cellular phones, attempting to turn them into worthwhile customers. Wouldn’t you rather have an advertising technique that ran on vehicle-pilot, despatched a consistent circulation of centered possibilities to your site or weblog, and priced you mere pennies or nothing?


I’m going to provide you with a warning right off the bat. This advertising and marketing device is a bit technical, but now it’s not too bad if you grasp it there. If you are not familiar with internet advertising, marketing, and blogs in a preferred feel, there may be a chunk of a mastering curve for you. It’s well worth the small problem of knowing this marketing technique. Trust me. I’m not “techy,” so if I can do this, you truly can.

This advertising method builds upon understanding what a WordPress blog is. If you are unfamiliar with WordPress or blogs, check out WordPress’s website; the rest of this text will make plenty more feel.

So now that you recognize some of the fundamentals of what a WordPress blog is and what a Studio topic/template is for your blog, we can pass a little more in-intensity approximately “seo” (SEO) advertising to your blog, which is what will force all that high-quality, loose, targeted site visitors in your blog.

Search Engine Optimization” (search engine optimization) is a large term; however, the idea is straightforward. It’s a first-rate advertising concept for us Realtors or retailers to research if you want free visitors traveling your website or blog.

Let me explain…

You realize when you do a Google look for something, and a listing of website outcomes is back that fits your seek term you typed in? There are usually pages and pages of consequences; however, you most effectively look at the first 1-2 pages, proper?

If you look inside the upper search bar, you will see the overall range of results that Google found, usually within the millions. You’d undergo pages and pages of outcomes to see the millions of internet site outcomes.

So how do some of these website proprietors have the advertising and marketing genius to get indexed on the primary 1-2 pages while the other hundreds of thousands of websites live at the lowest of the effects? Search engine optimization advertising!

There are methods to optimize your website so that serps like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. Rank your website to be most relevant to the character in the search. Therefore, you get a higher ranking on the outcomes web page and get extra traffic on your estate website or weblog.

Tons of search engine marketing companies and tech guys attempt to “recreate” the search engines so their websites come up as the #1 or #2 result. The hassle is that search engines like Google always convert their necessities, so getting better ratings artificially is nearly impossible.

However, there are some foundational methods to get better rankings, and most of them immediately relate to the content material on your web page.

The content material on your website, or the textual content/words, is one of the main aspects search engines scan to evaluate your internet site. This is why blogs are so effective: You’re constantly writing new, applicable content material for serps to discover.


You can do the same element with ordinary static websites; however, it’s tougher. You’d constantly replace and upload new content material, which is much more time-consuming and technically tough than with a WordPress blog. WordPress is more person-friendly for “non-techy” Realtors or marketers like me.

Here’s where we begin to get a little more technical, so buckle up…

Within your WordPress weblog are tools called “plugins” that software developers have made to beautify distinctive aspects of your WordPress weblog. They’re remarkable for all components of your marketing.

Many plugins are unfastened, and a few value a little money. They’re clean to install; you look for the plugin you want, download it, set off it, and “Forget approximately it!” (sorry, that’s my fine Italian effect).

For example, I use a plugin called “Contact Form 7”, which robotically creates a touch shape on our “Contact Us” page. I don’t have to deal with programming, coding, HTML, or junk. I downloaded the plugin, altered the settings, and it’s up and running on my WordPress weblog. It looks like programmers have a notion of an answer like this for anything you could think about. It’s fabulous!

But the plugin I want to camp out on and inform you about is called “ScribeSEO.” It’s designed to get higher search engine scores and your WordPress blog.

Since most web surfers do not look past the first 1-2 pages of consequences when searching, we want to get our Realtor or agent blogs up as excessively as possible on the one’s outcomes pages, proper? Of path, that assumes you need loose, automated visitors.

If you haven’t seen or used a WordPress weblog, this will be hard to picture, but we will try it. When you write a submission on your blog, you’ll write a Title, a Description, and the actual Content (or Body) of your weblog soon.

The identity you write will display on the seek engine effects page. Go ahead and search Google Proper now so that you understand what I’m talking about approximately. See that blue-colored “headline” for all the effects? That’s the identity. Like another advertising piece, the identity or headline is important to capture your potential interest. So, I put extra effort into this part.

Underneath that title, maybe your description, to tell the surfer what you publish is all approximately, in a nutshell. See it? It’s commonly about two sentences long, right underneath the blue-colored name.

Your weblog publish content might not appear on the search effects web page, but search engines will not scour that content with their little robots.

ScribeSEO does (after you have written your identity, description, and content) scan those three elements of your blog publication to look at how it is to be “favored” through engines like Google and gain higher scores within the seek outcomes. Make feel? If not, understand that the ones are three huge keys to recognition.

Now, there are sure “keywords” that people typically search with, like “Seattle actual property” or “real estate jobs.” Search engines want to look for suitable keywords in your title, description, and weblog-submitted content.

ScribeSEO does this for you; it analyzes those three areas and gives you a rating from 1-one to hundred. The lower the score, the more work your publisher desires, allowing you to be “optimized” for engines like Google. The higher the rating, the easier your weblog can be picked up using search engines.

If you get a low rating as I did, an embarrassing 39, ScribeSEO offers you a list of tips for fixing or exchanging objects. It may be as easy as beginning your name with a better keyword or using more links to your put-up content material. It might suggest prolonging your weblog publication since most search engines like to see a certain minimum wide variety of words.

One factor that occurred to me the day before this was that ScribeSEO stated I didn’t have ANY keywords in my identity, description, or content material. What the heck? I changed into dumbfounded. I don’t forget the topic I turned into writing approximately. However, I comprehend it changed into something particular.

One of the ScribeSEO suggestions changed to adding extra key phrases to my content material. Again, I overlook what the topic has become, but shall we say it becomes “advertising.” I went through my blog post and introduced “advertising” a few extra times. I hit the button to re-examine my submission, and it picked up the keyword “advertising,” simply as I was hoping. I added it to my name and description, and what do you already know? I was given a rating of 100.

The cool issue is that ScribeSEO tells you exactly what you want to fix and how to do it. It’s ideal for Realtors or marketers like me who want clean, step with the aid of-step, non-technical directions.

After you make the endorsed modifications, you can re-examine your blog submission and see if your rating has increased. Getting 100 on each is viable because I’ve performed it so far. I’ve had to make changes and re-examine some instances on a single web blog submission; however, I’m constantly determined to get one hundred. It’s like I’m trying to beat this system or something.

The frustrating thing became when I went to make adjustments to a score of seventy-nine and got a 39 after I re-analyzed my blog publication. I become ticked! But it was my fault. Instead of following them step-by-step, I began seeking to be cool and make the adjustments I thought ScribeSEO would say. That’s what I get! In the give-up, I was given a hundred, though. Yee Haw!

I wouldn’t say I like approximately ScribeSEO because it costs money. It’s not a valid gripe now; I wish the entirety would become loose. The pricing options certainly aren’t awful at all, particularly while you recollect how great a deal visitors this one advertising tool can get you.

Remember, although, you need to apply it to a WordPress weblog. You can use it on normal websites, too, but I’d recommend going with the blog because it’s much better for ScribeSEO advertising.

They also have an unfastened “test power,” so you can strive it out. Frankly, I failed to recognize if I would even paint the dang component, so I did the test drive first and got secure. After that, I turned into an offer!

Anyway, I wish this advertising and marketing concept wasn’t too difficult to observe at the side of. If you are a “techy,” you are likely announcing, “Dude, give me a run. I already understand this stuff.” And the rest of your questioning, “Blog what? Search Eng… Huh?” In either case, this is a perfect marketing tool to apply and examine greater approximately.

Now close some deals!

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