Blogger who posted a video of Zaruba’s funeral gets arrested

The Court in Amursk determined to arrest blogger Viktor Toroptsev for five days for not paying a quality for strength, OVD-Info pens approximately this.

According to him, first, the police got here to his home and requested questions on the video of the funeral of the nearby “authority” Yury Zarubin (Zarub), which Toroptsev posted at the web. After that, the bailiffs got here to the blogger and taken him to court docket.

The lawsuit against the man changed into filed by way of Energosbyt. Toroptsev collected files about violations of the organization. Moreover, the blogger claims that the high-quality had already been paid in advance, he had all the receipts in his fingers, however, neither the bailiffs nor the court docket accepted them.

Toroptsev provides that he did no longer acquire to be aware of the excellent because he changed into no longer within the town. The case report confirms that the notification changed into the lower back to the sender.

In his opinion, they may be trying to exert stress on him in this way. “They put pressure on me from all sides and are seeking to charge me with the administrative article,” says Toroptsev.

The funeral document shows that the car site visitors became blocked due to the mourning ceremony within the town. In addition, unknown claims that cops attended the funeral. Toroptsev claims that he himself is not the author of the video, but only posted it on his YouTube and Instagram, and then the regulation enforcement businesses commenced to report complaints towards him.

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