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Why buying votes is better than organic votes for contests in 2018?

So try to imagine this scenario. You have entered an online contest based on some skill such as photography or writing and have given your best creative work. You are pretty confident that you will win this prize, and it turns out that someone else takes it away, and you are left wondering why on earth were your work not chosen? Does it sound familiar? Well, the heart of the matter is that most online contests decide their winners via voting. While many use voting to trim down the pack and then deploy judges to decide the winner among the trimmed lot, others use voting throughout the whole process. So, the main concern is you have to learn how to win votes by hook or by crook. This article intends to convince you that the latter might be a more effective way of earning votes.

The organic ways of earning online votes:


The organic way of earning votes is actually the natural way to adopt several strategies and work them out so that the audience takes notice of your work and hence votes for you. To win such contests, you surely need to chalk out a proper strategy and implement it correctly to gather enough votes to make you win the contest. Here are some of the popular organic ways that can help you earn more votes in online contests.

1. Asking your family members and friends

Your friends and family members are the ones whose votes are surely yours, but you cannot take them for granted. You have to ensure that your family members and friends give their votes to you. Let them know about your contest so that they can log in to the network and submit their votes as soon as possible.


2. Making friends with other people entering the contests

Your competitors also have the ability to vote. Make friends with as many as you can and urge them to vote for you, and in exchange, you will vote for them. The more support you can get out of such friends, the more votes you can earn naturally.

3. Make use of your Facebook profile

Your Facebook account can be used in various ways for collecting maximum online votes. There are numerous Facebook groups for vote exchange, and you can always create your own private voting group. Moreover, remember to remind every friend to vote in your favor.

4. Arranging your own giveaway

Many people make arrangements for their own giveaways by offering them the chance to win a prize or by spreading the word about the entry. Yet, many contests do not allow the use of giveaways for encouraging votes.

The other way of getting votes

The Internet also offers you a lot of ways to get votes in exchange for some payment. There are various websites and Facebook groups that sell votes outright. Many websites, such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, are often used for giving micropayments in exchange for votes. But there are some issues regarding buying votes that are prevalent in many cases. Many contests consider buying votes similar to cheating. There are other ways of cheating, such as creating fake accounts or faking IP addresses where people take advantage of its weaknesses. But buying votes is not actually and technically cheating. Rather it is one of the most effective ways of winning online contests. It would help if you remembered that it doesn’t matter how you get the votes as long as you keep winning the contests.

1. Why buying votes is absolutely normal?


See, the logic is quite simple. There is no problem paying a small amount of cash when it can bring you in a large number of cash prizes. Many people think that online vote sellers are frauds and scams, which is actually a false notion. In fact, there are many genuine businesses regarding vote selling. Obtain votes with VA Pulse Media voting agency and “rank-rockers” to get votes in time. They help you win these online contests, which you so badly want to. When you find the right agency, you can get votes in a hassle-free way.

Anyhow, read reviews of these service providers before you place an order.

2. Why is it better than the organic way?

The only reason why buying votes is better than organically getting them is that it is way faster. Getting online votes is also a time-bound matter. There are deadlines after which the voting counters are closed, and it is before that deadline, all votes are counted and deemed valid. This is where the organic method falls flat as it is quite slow compared to buying online votes. The faster approach gets you more votes in less time, which is desired when there is a time factor involved in the contest. That is why buying votes is a simple and faster method of winning online contests rather than getting votes online.

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