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A Template for Writing Website Product Descriptions That Sell

Picture this: a potential customer is browsing through your website, looking at your products. What is the key to convincing that window shopper to add something to their cart and make a purchase?

It just might be how compelling the product description is. 87% of consumers say the product description is essential when deciding if they should buy something.

In sales, it’s all about the presentation. Good website product descriptions don’t just give a rundown of the product; they tell a story, make the product seem indispensable, and are appealing enough to make people think, ‘I need to have that.’

So buckle in because this article tells you everything you need to know about how to write a great product description that’s compelling to consumers.

10 Examples of Product Descriptions That Sell - BKA Content

Think like a Journalist

In journalism, there are six essential questions writers must answer through their articles: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Now, the order isn’t that important for your product copy, but the description should nevertheless follow this structure.

That way, you won’t miss any of your product’s critical features, and the consumers get a real sense of what it is and why they should buy it.

Tell a Story

The best product descriptions come in the form of a story that consumers can understand and relate to. It’s a great way to make your product feel special and create a certain emotion around it.

People respond very well to emotions. If you plant that seed in their minds, they’ll associate your product with that particular emotion and be keener to purchase.

Don’t Babble

The key here is a balance; even if you give your products a backstory, it can’t be an entire saga. People aren’t going to your website to read the unofficial biography of military boots; they want to buy them. So keep your copy short and to the point.

If you have a lot you want to express, try to use bullet points to get the message across. It’s a nice trick to share more information in a very easy-to-read fashion.

It’s Ok to Brag

Your product description has to set you and your brand apart from the rest of the e-commerce world. To do this, you have to play to your strengths and let your customers know why it’s worth their time to do business with you.

Phrases like ‘the best online store’ and the ‘best quality products’ don’t do the trick. Everyone sells the best products. It’s a lot better if you manage to imply it rather than come out and say it. For instance, a tech store may also supply its products to some of the best companies in the U.S.; that’s a detail consumers would like to know. A cosmetic brand might be 100% cruelty-free and work with some top-notch experts to develop their products.

Don’t Rely on Content Alone.

Sometimes, you shouldn’t bother telling customers about your products; you should show them.

You can use photos and videos to describe your products. A store that offers electrical saws can write a great story about their product, but a video where the saws are tested is a lot more compelling. Your customers get to see the product in action before they have to buy, and that can work in your favor if they’re pleased with the results.

Measure the Impact

It’s possible you won’t get it right from the start. But to know that and make the necessary changes, you have to track and measure the descriptions’ success.

Just think of it as a marketing campaign. Set a goal for your product description, and pay close attention to how it performs.

Back to You

Treat the product descriptions like you would an article on your blog. Please do some research, use valuable keywords, and try to express something through them.

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