Five of the Best Ways to Promote Your New WordPress Blog

Starting a WordPress blog is easy to achieve thanks to the many resources online, but once you have one, you’re always left wondering when your first flow of visitors will come from. Unfortunately, visitors don’t come regularly unless you post unique content, and even then, you’re never guaranteed to have anyone knocking at the door. Marketing and advertising your blog is the only way forward, and if you want to achieve the best results, you need to implement the following methods.

Build a Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence isn’t easy, but it’s free, and it offers an effective way to promote a new WordPress blog. You’ll need to engage with your followers regularly, and once you’ve built a good audience, you’ll be able to advertise your blog with ease. It’s also wise to place social media icons on all your blog posts to direct blog visitors to your social media pages.

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Engage with Members on Forums

Regardless of the niche of your WordPress blog, there are many forum communities out there that you can join related to the content your WordPress blog offers. Once you’re registered on multiple forums, put your WordPress blog link in your signature and then start contributing to the forum. This will give your blog more exposure, and it could give you the flow of visitors you’ve been craving.


Start Guest Posting

Your blog isn’t going to get much exposure if it doesn’t have a good search engine presence. However, getting one of those is not easy as many other blogs and websites are competing for the same keywords you are, so you will need to provide better content and build backlinks. Building backlinks can be strenuous work, but by using methods such as guest posting, you’ll not only get the back links you require, but you’ll also receive extra traffic juice.

Exchange Links with Similar Blogs

Research Google for blogs like the one you own and get in contact with the owners. Many blog owners in the same situation will often be interested in exchanging links for a period. This can lead to more visitors and a great relationship in the future when both of your blogs start to grow.

Invest in a PPC Campaign

Although it can be expensive, running a good PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is the easiest way of promoting any blog or website. Many web developers opt for Google AdWords for their campaigns because it is the most popular PPC service. Your advertisement will be displayed to thousands of people worldwide, and that will give your website the chance to gain popularity quickly.

The above methods work for your blog, but obtaining your online bachelor’s in information systems (online BSIS degree) via UAB Collat School of Business will give you more knowledge about business information technology, which could lead to learning more methods to promote your blogs.

Have you got any other tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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