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Tips for Selecting a Video Security System That Meets Your Needs

A correct video surveillance system should deter criminals, protect you when you’re domestic, warn you about occasions, and offer rock-strong proof if something happens. All the even as, your safety camera gadget has to be clean to install, smooth to apply, and virtually earn you some bragging rights of being able to mention, “They picked the incorrect location to clutter with.”

Video Security System

Unfortunately, many unthinkingly purchase a video surveillance camera gadget from a consultant, dealer, or website and often have regrets.

This manual indicates how to select the proper video surveillance system in your sof to ensure it does not appear to software. It will provide you with key points to don’t forget to discover your authentic wishes and assist you in picking out the proper gear to healthy your desires and lifestyle.

Security Camera Locations

The number one query human beings ask while shopping for a video security camera device is, “How many surveillance cameras do I need?” That’s a wonderful query, but I’ve got to tell you from non-public revel – it does not remember how many or few security cameras you have. It handles topics that you become aware of who is coming and going and that you file their activities even as journeying your facility.

1. Identify the suspect

If you have restrained funds, I quite propose that your surveillance system can identify people as they arrive and pass. The odds are that if something noteworthy at your private home or commercial enterprise occurs, you’ll realize it. And the most effective question you want to answer is: “Who did it?” If who’s coming and going, identifying “who” is usually very simple.

To acquire appropriate identification of people or automobiles, you ought to discover the choke points for your enterprise and the likely avenues of technique. By choke points, I imply regions of your house, business, or property that anybody or aspect wishing to benefit front should pass via.

Good examples are doors, windows, gates, parking lot entrances, and so forth… Video safety cameras dedicated to watching those choke factors will place the horrific guy’s mug shot in your fingers earlier than you even must contain the police.

I might also recommend assuming like a crook for only a minute. If you had been a burglar, how would you input your private home or belongings? Would your technique be exceptional at some stage in the day than at night? What regions on the property are least visible to your neighbors? The effects of this workout will verify the range of safety cameras you want to relax easily and may wonder you.

2. Document pastime

For an enterprise, having sufficient video security cameras in the region to provide an overview of pastimes is generally not an alternative. There are too many times that call for documentation of what took place. A clear case in point is shoplifting. In most states, a suspect should be located simply by concealing an object and leaving the edge of the construction before the interest is considered a crime.

Additionally, and usually, more importantly, activity documentation on your property or place of the job will help defend you from prosecution for “Slip and Fall” and litigious actions that could arise in your private home.

At a residence, surveillance cameras, which view a wide vicinity, often provide some very treasured clues of past identification, along with the course of the journey, an automobile description, and identifying accomplices and friends who may have witnessed the crime. In many cases, you could take advantage of that critical information with as few as four additional cameras placed around your private home.

Safety is every other popular cause to have safety cameras imparting overviews of your house. It’s a comfort that lets you watch youngsters play in the pool, trampoline, or backyard, understanding they may be safe and having fun simultaneously.

3. Create a comic strip

When consulting with customers, I favor using a cartoon of the assets – even supposing it’s a place I’m familiar with. A simple hand-drawn sketch will work, but if feasible, one interested in scale will help even more. This caricature is beneficial for determining the field of perspectives to your safety cameras, ensuring an overlap of coverage if preferred, or getting a 2D opinion from a consultant.

So, as you’re surveying your house and picking video surveillance digicam locations, jot them down on your caricature, and you will be satisfied you probably did.

Video Security Cameras

After narrowing down where you may need protection cameras, you’ve also made it very smooth to discern which heaps of surveillance cameras will suit each area.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in making your choice near bullet evidence:

Camera lens

Selecting safety cameras with the right lens length is essential for obtaining a clear suspect identity by using some distance. A digital camera ideal with the proper lens will yield amazing outcomes – even if used with modestly appearing cameras.

Lens sizes are measured in millimeters. The larger the range, the more telephoto or zoom capability the safety digital camera may have. To give you a clean apply reference – one in all your eyes has approximately the identical field of view as a 3mm surveillance digicam lens – or 90 levels.

So, while surveying a digicam region, the remaining eye will usually tell you what a surveillance digital camera with a 3mm lens will see. A lens with a higher millimeter (focal period) will get you a tighter shot.

For a more scientific method, the degree of the gap between the digital camera and the vicinity is to be considered. Next, measure the width and top of the location to be considered. Type these statistics into a lens calculator (effortlessly determined online) to find the recommended lens size on your utility.

Today, some of our more popular protection cameras include built-in varifocal lenses. These varifocal lenses are sometimes called zoom lenses and cover various popular focal lengths and housing styles.

If, for some motive, there isn’t always an equipped-made digicam to be had that meets your exact needs, then it’ll be easy to pair a traditional protection digital camera with a CS-mount lens to your utility.

Security digital camera styles

The fashion of the protection digital camera you pick out is more critical than a stylish look, although ascetics must be considered. Some camera styles are higher for particular mounting places, even as others can be more familiar.

Another important attention is safety from the factors – each environmental and crook. Regardless of the style that meets your application’s desires, nearly all safety digital camera patterns provide comparable features – so it should not be a restricting component.

Traditional protection cameras

Traditional type surveillance cameras, consisting of box or constant cameras, are the oldest type (for this reason, standard) and still the most popular. Heaps of different lenses are available for these fixed cameras, making them beneficial, from domestic/business protection to border enforcement and even covert surveillance operations.

Extensive enclosures ares available for vandal-proofing and weather-proofing video protection cameras as well. Also, because these sorts of cameras are easily recognizable, they act as a great deterrent – which must be a primary objective for maximum protection applications.

Dome safety cameras

Dome safety cameras have become much more popular over the past few years. They might come ready with all the bells and whistles, including a three-axis inner digicam adjustment, a varifocal lens, and infrared illumination for night vision. CCTV dome cameras are so popular because they can be installed indoors, on the exterior, under overhangs, and on partitions… Honestly everywhere.

Their varifocal lenses offer the proper area of view for choke points, and their 3-axis positioning alternatives make it simple to attain the overhead or wall-mounted shot you prefer. Additionally, dome surveillance cameras are less recognizable, as they blend in with the surroundings, probably giving you a higher probability of having the right facial identity.

Bullet cameras

Like dome cameras, bullet cameras, or lipstick cameras, they offer nearly every feature you may need in a camera and greater, along with a longer variety of infrared illumination (for see-in-the-darkish skills at longer distances) and very effective varifocal lenses. Most lipstick cameras are exceptionally hooked up vertically on partitions or poles.

PTZ cameras

PTZ safety cameras provide you with the strength to manipulate pan, tilt, and zoom features remotely. This lets you modify your shot because the motion is taking location, and thanks to superior features presented by using maximum DVRs these days, it allows you to survey your home remotely from anywhere in the world.

Covert cameras

Even if you’re truly trying to deter criminal activity along with your video protection system, I always propose augmenting your machine with at least one properly located covert digital camera. Why? Criminals are skilled in looking for overt cameras at houses and organizations. Visible cameras can be turned off with spray paint, slicing cables, bodily abuse, or – they can sincerely be averted.

The same can not be said for hidden cameras – as you know their area. Covert cameras make a terrific preference for choke factor places and are available in a selection of prepared-made paperwork for indoor and outdoor desires.

Financial institutions and shop robberies are classic cases wherein conventional container cameras fail. Do the criminals realize there are cameras in those establishments? Yes! They should care less about protection cameras; an easy hooded sweatshirt takes care of the activity. A covert digicam positioned close to eye level at a door or pathway will conquer the problem and make your status quo or domestic area no longer to be messed with.


As night falls, the likelihood of crime rises; prefer you, the cameras, want the right lighting fixtures to look. Most dome and bullet cameras come equipped with integrated infrared illumination. Infrared (IR) lights areare invisible to the human eye, however very visible by most safety cameras.

In essence, IR has a covert impact – because the lighting is honestly invisible, the digicam may be hard to hit upon for criminals, who may not recognize to look away – allowing for better identification. Effective illumination without growing mild pollutants is likewise an indirect gain of IR illumination – a famous topic today.

IR will no longer act as a deterrent. To assist in scaring off terrible men, adding visible flood lights to your home is worth a pound of remedy, and movement detection features will shop on energy and help lessen mild pollutants.

Whichever lighting fixture you choose, I advocate that you use lighting generously and function it strategically to make sure you leverage the electricity of your cameras.


For analog cameras, the decision is measured in vertical traces, starting from 380 or lower, up to seven hundred for a few black and white cameras. For digital cameras, the resolution is measured in pixels. For either technology, the higher the resolution, the more specific your photo is.

Granted, positioning your digital camera in the proper region, finding the ideal lens, and offering light to your digital camera is more than half the conflict. But in capturing the occasions at your house or enterprise, you may want each generation to benefit from your facet. A greater 100 traces of resolution can make a difference in law-healthy avoidance and the quick apprehension of criminals.

The law enforcement network sees eye to eye with the want for better decision security cameras. Unfortunately, they’ve loads of firsthand experience with dissatisfied victims of crime, who have invested in cameras only some notches better than dummy cameras, which captured an event that came about but no longer offered a clean, sufficient image to pick out the suspect.

In reality, jurisdictions nationwide mandate high-resolution protection cameras – as much as 480 lines of resolution. Thankfully, 480 traces may be very common nowadays – and very lower priced.


What is a lux rating? Short and sweet, the lower the quantity, the better the digicam will see at night. Security cameras with a low lux rating take full advantage of all available light from flood lamps, avenue lighting, infrared illumination, etc. A digicam with a 0.0 lux low light score can see entire darkness (usually using infrared lighting fixtures).

Digital Video Recorders

The recorder for a CCTV device is, in reality, the coronary heart of your video security device and could play a pivotal function in your universal buy pride. Here are some quick pointers to keep in thoughts while deciding on the right DVR to strengthen your video surveillance gadget.


The most common mistake I’ve seen humans make over time while buying a virtual video recorder is choosing one with too few channels (or ports for cameras). First-time consumers investing in a basic video safety device will generally select a four-medium DVR.

That’s understandable – 4 cameras normally appear more than sufficient to cover access factors and excessively sensitive regions of a status quo. But all too speedy, humans discover the want for more cameras – including insurance or a covert digicam to the machine – and come to be shopping for a second DVR.

In many instances, the smarter option is a recorder allowing expansion. If you need four cameras these days, remember that a protection DVR is a good way to take delivery of 8 digital camera inputs – making an allowance for enlargement in the future, actually through plugging in any extra cameras wanted. The low fee distinction between four and eight Digicam digital video recorders is usually not fee-prohibitive.

Frame Rate

Today’s computer processing power permits real-time video recording on all channels of a protection DVR. So don’t waste valuable cash on B-price recorders that provide you with only some frames in line with 2nd on each track, leaving you with sub-top-quality video evidence and potentially missing a crucial part of the motion-taking area.

To recognize if a virtual video recorder will record in real-time, divide the marketed body price (e.g., E., 480 FPS) with a wide variety of channels (e.g., E. Sixteen). In this case, each track can record 30 frames according to second (FPS). Thirty structures in keeping with 2nd are considered to be real-time video.


For businesses, I continually propose maximizing the quantity of reminiscence (or storage capacity) a digital video recorder can use. Here’s why… Not only do groups must worry about the risk of shoplifting and violent crimes, but they also want to capture the activities of their employees – who studies display make contributions as much as forty percent of an organization’s losses.

Employee robbery can play out throughout the week or occasionally longer. It is simply effective to retrieve an independent account of what came about, mainly when investing enough reminiscence to keep that information. In addition to theft, many business owners/managers leveraged their video safety structures to monitor patron interactions to ensure high-quality customer service.

This saved video can be a powerful training device in attaining purchaser delight.

Homeowners have to don’t forget the small investment in additional memory seriously. However, most troubled owners normally face the floor more quickly, requiring less stored video evidence to check what came about. For instance, most owners could be alerted within hours if a domestic has been robbed.

I suggest you carefully choose the memory you want to suit your timetable and lifestyle. If you travel plenty, ensure your recorder has enough memory to report occasions over the complete duration.


A regularly ignored feature while considering a machine is how properly and easily the DVR will playback video. Ensure the digital video recorder you purchase can display a video frame using a body normally completed with a “Jog and Shuttle” feature.

This may be very important while seeking to seize minute details, consisting of identifying a face, article of clothing, or registration code that actions quickly throughout the display screen.


Ensure your DVR’s offloading talents will shape regulation enforcement’s desires. You must be able to quickly download your video evidence to a disc or USB and offer video in AVVI (or comparable) format, which permits playback on almost any computer without requiring unique software.

Recording Location

Once you’ve decided on the locations of your cameras, you ought to choose the fine vicinity for your recording tools. Here are a few matters to hold in mind:

Keep it comfy

High on any criminal’s listing is heading off and disposing of video evidence. To prevent a criminal from destroying your safety recorder, it ought to be located out of sight and thought, at a minimum. I suggest saving yours in a cozy room, preferably in a DVR/VCR lock container.

Keep it near

Make sure the recorder is near network gear. One of the main benefits of today’s video recorders is the ability to screen remotely. So it makes experience to have your DVR in a server room for businesses or near your private home’s network router to take full gain far off monitoring.

Keep it powered

Make sure the DVR location is well-serviced with electricity. Remember that you need comfy energy for each safety display and protection camera. Also, it’s wise to use a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), which ensures that your recorder and cameras maintain operate all through a strength outage and offer protection in opposition to brownouts (low supply) and power surges (over-voltage, inclusive of lightning moves).

Connecting Your Cameras

Two basic matters should usually be done when connecting cameras for your recorder: (1) get the energy to the digicam, and (2) get the video sign to the recorder. Powering your digital camera is rather uncomplicated. There are trendy picks to get your video signal on your recorder: wired and Wi-Fi.


For everlasting installations, I particularly advise hard-wiring your cameras, and there are excellent reasons why this is the most favored technique for connecting cameras. Good, pleasant cabling eliminates video interference, keeps video more comfortable from interception, and requires very little preservation while carried out right.

Alternatively, I need to say it’s a touch greater work with cable. However, I can say with self-belief that you may be glad you made the time fund.

When selecting your cabling, stay far away from most cheap DIY cables that degrade through the years, can’t carry out nicely at excessive resolutions, and are not long-lasting during installations. For a professional installation, the consensus is a good Siamese-type cable. Siamese cable gets its call from two lines in a single: a coaxial video cable and a strength cable.

Siamese cable is to be had in bulk rolls of 500′ and 1000′, and the cord can also be observed in lengths of 100′ or shorter, with video and electricity connectors already mounted for your convenience.

For an expert cable setup, you’ll want a few or all of the following equipment:

  • Drill
  • Caulking
  • Stapler
  • Fishing tape
  • Solder gun (for bulk cable without connectors)
  • Crimping tool (for bulk cable without connectors)
  • Wireless

For motives defined above, I am hesitant to advise wireless installations. However, there are applications for which running a cable is price prohibitive, installation is not brief or smooth, or the line desires to be better hidden. For those occasions, I do deliver wireless a thumb up.

When the use of wireless, there are three essential things to recollect:

Interference – Find out if there’s any RF tool on your property or close by so that it will intervene with your video transmission. The most unusual sources of recent interference are wireless Wi-Fi routers. If you’re using 802.11b or g, which operates on the two.4GHz frequency, then be sure to apply a video transmitter, which runs on the 5.8GHz frequency, or vice-versa if your Wi-Fi router is 802.11a or n.

Obstructions – Wireless transmitters are rated for a line of website tiers for identical assessment. If your application permits the transmitter and receiver to “see” every difference, you must experience comparable decks as quoted. If your set requires transmitting through heavy building substances (consisting of concrete), reduce the variety to a minimum of half.

Power – Although you may be capable of sending the video signal from the digicam in your recorder with a wireless transmitter, you’ll nevertheless want to supply strength through tough wiring, battery energy, or solar power. This can sometimes undermine your primary goal of remotely positioning a Wi-Fi digital camera or concealing all wires.

Remote Monitoring

One of the largest sights of having a CCTV machine is the capacity to remotely screen your property through the net from a PC or handheld device that can be halfway around the world or only some rooms over. In addition, to stay track, you could watch recorded videos, back up important video files, acquire electronic mail alerts of hobbies, and download video evidence.

Given these advanced capabilities, there is no longer a need to devote aid to being on-website to screen your machine and events. This isn’t always handy; however, it lets you keep your recording equipment hidden, safe, and comfy.

Because of the bandwidth required to transmit video records, a prerequisite of faraway tracking is high-velocity net service and a router with an available Ethernet port – functions offered by maximum ISPs.

Installation Tips

Test, test, take a look at

The most vital tip I can offer is to look at all of your gadgets earlier than an installation – this applies to your cameras, DVRs, monitors, and many others… At a minimum, you’ll become familiar with the equipment earlier than standing on the ladder’s pinnacle. You also get to put together your cameras and avoid easy mistakes or not unusual oversights that would occur at the same time as on top of the ladder.

Get the proper equipment.

Today’s video surveillance cameras are designed for years of dependable operation. With this in mind, you need to invest in having the right tools to make the process quick and simple and get it carried out properly the first time. Borrow that extension ladder to place cameras properly – each for the appropriate evaluation of your area and beneath eves for ascetics. Make the setup something you or your business can be pleased with.

Leverage support

When you have a question, call your consultant or technical guide contact. Odds are you’re not the simplest individual who has had a similar query – and your relied-on safety issuer can guide you to the pleasant and easiest solution.

Being Prepared

In the occasion of a crime, you need to be organized... Each has the right surveillance equipment established and managed to control the scenario.


Make sure that you and someone you agree with are very familiar with the operation of your CCTV device. Almost all incidents require rapid movement and awesome attention to your element. So get acquainted with key functions, including burning video evidence onto a DVD. This must be second nature before an event happens.

Your gear

Check your gadget as a minimum as soon as a month. In addition to trying out critical features, pull up every digicam and ensure they may operate how you need them to while capturing the right discipline of view. Log in remotely occasionally so you are relaxed tracking your home or enterprise remotely so your insurance doesn’t lapse in case you want to leave the metropolis.

Your substances

  • Should against the law occur, having the following elements close by will make your existence smooth:
  • Notepad and pen for making notes about the info of the event found with the aid of you, others, and on video
  • Blank CDs/DVDs for burning video evidence
  • Permanent markers for labeling proof
  • Regardless of where you purchase your machine, I hope you discovered these recommendations beneficial. In my revel, being educated and organized will incredibly impact the effectiveness of your security system.

Jake Lahmann is the VP of Technology for Supercircuits, an expert in video safety technology. He is widely recognized for his industry-main perspectives on using covert camera generation. He has written articles for Security Product News and Law Enforcement Quarterly. Before Supercircuits, Jake spent six years in federal law enforcement and years in drug enforcement in San Diego.

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