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Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Australian Online Business

All modern Australian businesses must be well aware of and prepared in advance to thwart cyber attacks. Your Aussie company is vulnerable to cyber attacks that can be initiated from anywhere in the world, not just inside the country. Hacking attacks have been on the rise recently, with some prominent companies becoming victims. Don’t let your company be on the victim list. Follow the tips below to protect your company against cyber attacks:

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules

Update All Software

Most companies become victims of hacking due to negligence. For example, Sony Pictures Entertainment became vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack largely due to sloppy security measures. Not updating software on time was one of the silly mistakes the company made. You must take appropriate measures to update all software on computers, handheld devices, and websites as soon as these updates become available. Software updates often include security patches for vulnerabilities in the source code. If you don’t update, your entire system is essentially open to an attack.

Hire Security Experts to Test the System

Security infrastructure is never invulnerable to a cyberattack. Security systems must be constantly checked for vulnerabilities and possible openings for a cyberattack. You must test your system from the inside, as well as the outside. You should hire a reputable, ethical hackers Australia company to test your system from the outside. These hackers will directly report system security vulnerabilities to your company, so you can patch them up before a real, malicious hacker decides to exploit them.


Get Rid of Software Known to be Vulnerable to Hacking

Some software is so vulnerable that it’s best not to use them in the first place. Adobe Flash is a prime example. Flash-based web applications have been repeatedly attacked in the past. Vulnerabilities in the Flash source code are well known among hacking communities. Therefore, your website should not have any Flash components, which should all be substituted with HTML 5 components. Likewise, pay attention to security news to know which software is particularly vulnerable to hacking. You must then avoid using such software, no matter how cheaply they come. A cyber attack will definitely cancel out the money you save from using problem software.

Limit Third-Party Advertising on Your Website

Third-party ads can make your site vulnerable to hijacking and make your users vulnerable to clicking on dubious links. Therefore, limit the use of third-Wi-Fi connection at your office must be encrypted and secured with the necessary software. You must have your Wi-Fi tested for potential vulnerabilities monthly, at least. Your Wi-Fi should not be broadcasting its Service Set Identifier (SSID), which hackers can use to gain access. The network should be hidden, and your router should be protected with a strong password.

Use Passwords Properly

All passwords at your company should be unique and changed every two or three months. Weak passwords are notorious for inviting hackers. Keep all stored passwords encrypted and hidden. Remember Sony, whose IT employees stored passwords in Word documents titled “passwords.”

Above all, your company must have a strong cybersecurity policy that involves training and educating all employees on cybersecurity best practices. If you want your company to be safe from cyber attacks, you must be willing to invest in the needed infrastructure. Failure to do so could lead to a devastating attack, like Sony Pictures in America.

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