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5 Best Practices for Successful Video Campaigns


While the video ads market is blooming (some might even say exploding), producing the type of high-quality content that you need to make it big in the video marketing game can be a monster of a challenge. You must understand your target audience well and clearly communicate your message in a short amount of time while keeping the viewer engaged enough to want to know more.

As if this task weren’t large enough, you also have to figure out the best spots to place your video so that a wide audience actually sees it. The internet is infinitely huge, so choosing your video ad’s placement is as important as choosing its content.

To help you get ahead, here are 5 best practices for successful video campaigns.

Understand Your Target Audience

To create a Targeting your audience is very important. Do the necessary research to find out exactly who your target audience is and what they like. The most successful ads today are the ones that can resonate with viewers on a personal level.



Engage the Viewers

No one has the time or the patience to sit through an ad that’s boring, generic, and bland. The best video ads are the ones that engage their users. This can be a tough challenge as you must be engaging and communicate your message clearly within just a minute. Still, you can incorporate elements that will help, like making the ad as personal and interactive as you can.

It would help if you always tried to use a voiceover as well. Much of the time, people are multitasking when a video ad comes up online. If you can make yours double as a radio ad without forcing it or losing the essence, then you have a better chance of engaging more viewers.

Stick to the Point

Keep your video short and simple. Stick to the point. Patience and time are two things that most viewers lack today. The most successful video ads are the ones that can communicate a compelling and effective message in about 30 seconds.

Use Clever Placement Tactics

Check out an app monetization platform, like Appnext, that provides several placement options. They’ll help you place your video in a context that’s right for your viewers, from in-feed video widget to interstitial video, native ads, and more.

You can also check Google AdWords for video, which provides a display network. This network will display video ads on YouTube as well as partner sites. The more options you choose, the better you can test and learn which one is more profitable.

Test Video Components and Audiences

Never stop testing. Test everything. Make various videos with different components and test them on audiences to determine which components resonate better with which audience. Test elements like branding, aspect ratios, ad duration, and engagement. Even if you hit the bullseye with one video, never stop testing. There is always room for improvement.

Keep your focus on video content, audience, and placement equally. You need a balanced, creative, and innovative combination of the three if you want your video campaign to be a true success.

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