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Why your visa might have been refused

Applying for a UK visa can be very time-consuming and expensive, so if your application gets refused, you understandably will feel devastated. A visa application takes so much time and often a lot of money means that it is crucial to get it right the first time.

There are reasons beyond your control that might have contributed to your application being refused. However, below, you can find six common errors immigration solicitors encounter, which you can avoid when applying next time.

Applying for the wrong type of visa

The Home Office is stringent regarding even the most simple administrative errors. You could be rejected for simply applying for the wrong type of visa. This is because UK categories are set out specifically for certain people to access the UK under rules that suit them.

Each visa has eligibility requirements for applicants to meet. If you apply for the wrong visa category and don’t meet even one requirement, this will lead to the Home Office refusing your entry clearance.

Many people think they can apply for a visit visa and then switch to a more permanent access once they are in the UK, but this is not the case. Specialists in immigration AWH Solicitors in Manchester do not recommend this approach because if the Home Office suspects that this is your plan, they will refuse your visit visa altogether.

Failing your English language test

You must take a certified English language test for most UK visas, especially long-term ones. It would help if you achieved a minimum score of B1, but in some cases, the Home Office might require a higher score of B2.

Level B1 is the third level of English in the Common European Framework of Reference, meaning you have to speak English at an ‘intermediate’ level. This means you have to know the basics but don’t have to work or study English.

You are organizing your documents incorrectly.

The Home Office will pay attention to the smallest details in every visa application. They should be submitted chronologically, with important information shown clearly. As well as offering all the correct documentation, it must be submitted in the right order.

Enlisting an immigration lawyer to help you properly organize your application is your best bet. They will be able to make sure you have everything you need and put it together correctly.

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Failing to disclose your convictions

Although you may not want to, you must include details of past convictions in your application. If you don’t, the Home Office will think you are trying to hide them, will automatically refuse your visa, and will likely not give you the chance to appeal. You might even get a re-entry ban, preventing you from coming to the UK for at least a year.

If you have served a sentence for four or more years in prison, no matter where it is, you will never be granted entry into the UK. If you have completed one to four years in jail, you can apply fifteen years after your sentence has finished. If you have completed under a year, you’ll be able to use it after seven years have passed since your sentence ended.

If you have been given a non-custodial sentence, you may be able to apply for a visa three years after the end of your sentence.

Insufficient evidence of your relationship

Whether you are married or not, you must submit evidence of your relationship to the Home Office alongside your application when you apply for a spouse visa. If you don’t, they will suspect that your relationship isn’t genuine so that they won’t grant you entry into the UK.

The types of evidence you can use are:

  • Joint tenancy agreements
  • Joint bank account statements
  • A marriage certificate

Remember that Home Office employees do not personally know you and your partner, so you need to give them as much evidence of your relationship as possible. Immigration specialists can help you establish what you should submit and what isn’t relevant.

Receiving incorrect advice

Relying on simple advice from family or friends may seem more tempting than hiring a trained immigration advisor. Still, it can end up with you receiving a refusal on your visa application.

Specialist immigration solicitors know the UK visa system inside out and will usually prove invaluable. They will be able to tailor their advice specifically to your situation so you have the best chance at success.

Appealing a visa refusal

If you have had your visa application refused, you might be eligible to appeal the decision. It will say so on your refusal letter if this is the case. Whether you can appeal or not will depend on the type of visa you applied for in the first place. Generally, though, the below categories carry the right to demand:

  • Settlement visas
  • Family visas
  • Human rights, refugee protection, or asylum applications

If you are eligible to appeal, you must do so within 28 days of your refusal letter’s date. You should seek the help of an immigration solicitor to help you submit your appeal.

All other visa types do not have automatic appeal rights. However, you can apply for an administrative review of your refused application if your refusal letter says you can do so. Organizational studies are carried out by an entry clearance officer instead of the appeals tribunal.

Suppose you require assistance with a visa application or appeal to immigration solicitors in Manchester. In that case, AWH Solicitors will advise and guide you through the process, making it as smooth and successful as possible.

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