Interesting Facts about Protein You Need To Know

Proteins are biomolecules which provide certain essential nutrients required for our body to grow, hence it is also referred to as a building block of life. There are vast sources of proteins available both in animals and plants food products. We all should include at least 20% to 35% protein in our daily diet as it is much essential for keeping our entire body functioning. Generally speaking, a healthy human body comprises about 16% of proteins and it has an equal importance to that of water in our body. Both, too much protein and less quantity of protein can be dangerous as it results in deficiency and over-secretion disorders.

Let have a look at some interesting facts about protein.

Fact – 1

There are nearby 100,000 different types of proteins in our body, as they are very much essential for the cells and tissue to grow, to heal and repair all the wounds, and to carry each and every chemical reaction in the body.

Fact – 2

A good quality of protein is found in some food products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, paneer, peas, soybeans, pulses, nuts, potatoes, yams, mushrooms, egg, meat, etc.

Fact – 3

Proteins play a vital role in building the immunity and during the production of both hormones and enzymes.

Fact – 4

Proteins act as natural antibiotics by producing antimicrobial peptides or proteins (AMP) which fights against microbes.

Fact – 5

Proteins are also involved in preventing the wear and tear of the muscles, in building our muscles, and also keeps our brain healthy and improves the brain functioning by producing protein chemical messenger.

Fact – 6

The human outer skin, nails, and hairs are made up of insoluble fibrous and the non-digested protein called keratin. Hence it is always advised to eat enough protein to have glowing skin, long and healthy hairs.

Fact – 7

Apart from muscle growth, glowing skin and healthy hair, proteins also help in reducing the body weight by regulating the range of blood sugar level that leads to the improved metabolism. Consuming a protein-rich diet helps in feeling full and avoid us from consuming extra food.

Fact – 8

There could be no life without protein and about 18-20% of the body is composed of proteins. It also plays an important role in the movement, structural support, storage, digestion, transportation and communication between the cells.

It is always recommended to have any food source in a limit. As per the saying goes, “Too much is too bad,” having too much of protein is dangerous for the body. The excess of protein in our body leads to weight gain, damage to the liver, kidney disorders, etc.

These were some Interesting Facts about proteins.

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