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Do You Want a More Modern Website? Here’s How to Do it Right

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There are certain issues you have to take into consideration when you design a website – the basics, the elementary, the must-do’s for success: great visuals, easy to read content that is relevant to the user, convenience in navigation, and so on. More people are doing business on a mobile device, which is another factor to consider. These are just the basics of website design.

However, when you want to create a website that is not only effective but also modern, you’ll need to take a few extra rules into consideration. When it comes to website design, there are trends – just like in all other areas in life. Do you want a more modern website? Here’s how to do it right.



Large typography

Often companies like to use a certain type of typography – and stick with that kind – because customers can easily recognise this and associate it with the brand. Because there are now so many fonts to choose from, companies like to adjust. In recent years, logos and texts have become synonymous with brand. Choose your typography settings and use it consistently. The simple visual medium will make an immediate connection.

Large, inspiring images

If you have an inspiring picture – a sunset, space travel, a man and child walking on the beach, a tree growing out of the asphalt (anything that captures emotion and captures the sentiments your brand tries to embody) – then by all means, use it, and use it well. Your company has a vision, and large inspiring images together with a simple logo or a few words of wisdom can make a big impact, as attested to by the web design Bristol specialists from It’seeze Websites.

Adding videos

Having a short video in which a representative explains how you can be of service to the visitor can help a lot. Someone who is interested will definitely want to hear your sales pitch.

Easy menus

They call them hamburger menus. Make them simple. Make navigation simple.

Enlargement of products

Potential customers appreciate it when they can see large pictures of the item they are interested in – and from different angles, too.

To a large extent, the new features that people are demanding are a result of progression in technology; because our Internet speeds get faster and our computers are able to handle more data at the same time, it’s possible to stream more information to the customer – and the customer likes it. In fact, they demand it. Remember, however, that the features should be available (video and large images, for example), but should never be forced upon them. The customer should always be king (or queen); give them great choices and allow them to navigate at pleasure, all the while calling for action.

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