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Top 6 Tips for Buying a Car from Used Car Dealer

Buying a car is a huge investment for many of us, and hence, deciding whether to buy a new car or an old car is always a tough decision. Well, if you have decided on buying an old car because you might not have the necessary capital to invest in a new car, you are basically left with two choices. You can either buy the car from a Toronto dealership ensures that the car has been mechanically checked, has warranties on specific parts, and has been refurbished according to the procedure. Knowing that a known dealership would back up the car’s purchase gives peace of mind to buyers alike that a private seller cannot give.

If you have decided to buy a used car, it is time to discuss some of the tips you should keep in mind while buying the car from the dealership.

Know What You Need

There is a thin line between what you need and what you want. It is really very important that before you visit any dealership, you finalize the model and make of the car you want to buy. Read reviews on the internet and car magazines about what model you would like to buy. Make a list of 3-5 such cars to have options when you go to a dealership.


Do a simple google search, find out which of the dealers in your area has the car that you want to buy and at what price.

Vehicle Report

Checking the price of the car is just the beginning of your research. There are some significant things that you need to know that the car that you would be buying. What are the mileage and the history of the car? History would include the origination details, the number of owners, the number of kilometers it has been driven, and also if it has been involved in accidents or not. Honest dealers will provide you with a copy of the vehicle’s history.

Maintenance History

When a car has been maintained regularly and has also been refurbished by the dealer before selling it, the car is bound to perform better than other regular cars. A good dealer will give you a maintenance history of the car, which you can check to analyze the car’s reconditioning and other things.


If you have fixed a list of the dealership that you want to buy your car from or has the car model that you want to buy, now is the time to check the reputation of the dealer that you want to buy the car from. Check through reviews in online websites, which list these dealerships. Read through negative customer reviews, which will help you know about the negative aspects of the dealership.


Different dealerships have different policies, and before selecting any one dealer, you should learn about the policies. Ask about any exchange policies which will let you exchange the car within a specified amount of time.


Before buying the car, make sure that the vehicle fits right into your budget. If you don’t have enough cash to buy the car, you might need to take up a loan against the car. Ask your dealership if they provide financing against cars, and also check the interest rate. If the rate is lower than what the banks are offering, you can opt for that too.

Often used cars are the only choice for some of us, and adhering to the tips above will make sure that you get the best deal out of your dealer. Get a great deal and buy a car that you won’t regret ever!

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