Do Growth Supplements Work?

The most significant predictor of your height is your parents. However, there are ways that you can carve out your final size as long as your growth plates are still open – they usually close after puberty.

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The most efficient way to add those inches is by enhancing the production of human growth hormone in our bodies through various techniques such as getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising.

You can as well as increase the growth hormone through supplements. Therefore it is not entirely impossible to achieve a better height by using supplements. We will get to that, but first, the basics.

Want a Height Increase? Try the Natural Way First

The easiest way to increase the growth hormone in your body is by having enough quality sleep. The keyword here is quality rather than length. You can as well increase the hormone through exercise.

Specific aerobic exercises like sprinting, swimming, and basketball positively affect your height growth efforts.

Maintaining the right diet costs a little more, but there are no shortcuts. You will also need to eat right, not the junk that costs pocket change. Make the leafy greens and fruits like apples your staple. Your body also needs a few types of meat, especially red meat, to produce the height growth hormone.

Essentially, malnourishment is one of the surest ways of failing to achieve your genetically predetermined stature. There is some proof that people who can afford to eat well have better chances of adding to their heights.

Denmark has become one country with some tallest people globally (see this top countries list), and science attributes this to wealth per capita. It means that most Danes can afford proper nutrition, contributing to favorable heights.

There’s no guarantee that you will become taller when you eat right, but it sure helps. Proper nutrition is a prerequisite to height growth.

So do Height Growth Supplements Work?

Supplements do not add any growth hormones into your body system but instead encourage its production. However, supplements work under certain conditions.

Your growth plates must be open for increased growth hormones to have the most optimal impact on your height, for starters. Typically, you stop growing tall after puberty. But some people defy science and logic, and their growth spurts continue, even after puberty.

That’s why you will read elated reviews of some people that used supplements and achieved the most positive height growth. On the other hand, the same pills will not affect some people, especially if their growth plates are closed.

Keep in mind that there’s still no evidence of the effectiveness of supplements in making you taller. We currently have marketing jargon, and user reviews – the credibility of the studies may be questionable. Science tells us that there’s utterly nothing that you can do to increase your height if your bones stop growing.

With that said, though, certain supplements show great promise. Growth Factor, for example, is one such option that comes highly recommended.

It usually seems that the ‘if’ is what height growth pills rely on to claim success. Remember that the FDA does not confirm or regulate the growth pills manufacturers’ marketing claims, so we have no way of ensuring their effectiveness. Furthermore, there’s no sufficient research backing the safety of some of the ingredients in these pills. Therefore, speaking with your physician before embarking on a treatment regimen is wise.

The FDA-approved human growth hormone is for use to help children with growth challenges. The hormone is only available through prescription and is useful for those not past puberty. Many growth pill manufacturers cite information on FDA-approved growth hormones to give credence to their claims but omit the puberty requirement.

Concluding it all

The easiest way to add a few inches to your stature is through nutrition, exercise, and sleep if your bones have not stopped growing—however, numerous supplements on the market claim to help you become taller, even after puberty.

There’s still no clinical evidence supporting these claims, but some of them may work by encouraging the secretion of human growth hormone. The only requirement is that your bones should still be open for growth. Otherwise, your efforts may prove futile. Seek medical advice before indulging in a particular regimen.

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