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Tips For Making Money Off Of YouTube

With the popularity of YouTube and its presence on just about every website as a video platform to stream content, making a living off making YouTube videos is totally possible. Some people make millions a year just from making small videos for their channel. Their videos can range in content from how-to videos to short films.

You may find yourself wondering how to get started making money by making videos on YouTube and what you can do to make your own millions on YouTube alone. The trick is to learn the basics and then keep ongoing. Once you have a firm grip on how to do the simple steps, you can evolve from there. Here are some of the most basic steps for getting started and making money off of YouTube.


Monetize On Ads

The first thing you will want to do is change your settings to monetize off ads and maximize your audience. When you have this setting enabled, your video will be shown with overlaying ads or links that lead to you being paid for it when clicked on by viewers.

You can make as many as thousands a day just by people clicking on these ads. That is a lot of money for just sitting around while other people click on your ads, and money falls into your lap.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the way to drive people to your content and get your videos seen by a wider audience. When people can search for your videos using hashtags, you will make sure that your content is delivered to the most appropriate audience.

Ensure that you educate yourself on which hashtags are the most effective, depending on what kind of audience you are looking to build. You may find that certain hashtags work better than others.

Post Quality Content

If your videos are poorly made, you will have a problem attracting an audience unless it is an exceptionally hilarious video. People appreciate a little production value and quality video streaming rather than shaky scenes, grainy images, or poor sound.

When you make an effort to post things that are of quality value, you will increase your chances of having a wider audience and more clicks.

Submit To Blogs

One of the best ways to get your video out there is to submit it to blogs that showcase material. Often people go to these blogs to find whatever the hottest things on the internet currently are. If they post your video, you are sure to go viral.

Some of these places include Huffington Post, The Lad Bible, and 9Gag.

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