5 Tips for Finding Low-Cost Insurance Rates for Your Family

Life insurance is important for any family, and it allows you to rest at ease knowing that your family will be covered financially in case of an unexpected death. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about life insurance until they start a family. When you have a spouse, young children, or people depending on your income for their livelihood, you need to make sure they will be financially secure when you’re not around. This doesn’t have to take too much of your money every month.

For first time buyers, finding ways to save money with insurance is a great concern. So, what are some ways to find low-cost insurance coverage? Here are some ideas.

Go Shopping

Getting out and testing variety is the spice of life insurance. Just like shopping for most products, looking at different options will help you make the right decision. According to Ty Stewart, CEO of SimpleLifeInsure, to get the lowest rate, you need to shop around and find a company that will offer personal consumer attention and finds policies with the lowest rates. Prior research can save you hundreds of dollars later on.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy and safe is one of the essential life insurance tips to save on life policies. Did you know that one of the main reasons people delay getting life insurance is that they aren’t as healthy as they should be? On the other hand, it may not be a good idea to wait until you’re healthy to apply for a health policy. This just means you will stay longer uninsured. The best thing is to shop around and get low-cost life insurance.


Don’t Hesitate

Since life insurance is seen to involve death, no one wants to imagine dying and leaving their loved one behind, so the policy tends to be pushed aside. But the unexpected happens when you least expect it, so it makes sense to get a life cover now while you’re healthy. Remember, the younger and healthier you’re, the more likely you will get a cheaper life cover.

Avoid one-company local agents.

There are so many insurance experts that can help you through the process of buying life insurance and most of them have a team of agents for the job. But avoid one-company local agents as they represent the interests of one company. This means you will only lower your options since the best way to get low-cost insurance rates is by comparing different provides and shopping around. If you get stuck on the way, consider looking for a financial advisor.

Say No to Additional Insurance or Policy Riders

If you want to find cheap insurance rates, you will want to avoid riders and additional insurance. An example of additional insurance is when you have the option to buy a child insurance policy or add-on insurance at a future date and skip the medical exam process again.

Riders can be obtained to speed up your death benefit where you receive a payout for all the medical expenses if you have a severe illness but haven’t passed away yet. Choose your insurance cover wisely and have as few riders as possible to help keep the rates low.


Finding cheap life insurance may not be as hard as it looks, but getting a policy for you and your family is a brilliant move to make. It starts by getting a quote from several providers; then, you can choose depending on which fits within your current budget.

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