Have a Loved One Suffering From Insomnia? Here are a Few Tips for Them

Sleeping is a good thing when it can easily take you to slumberland without any effort, but when you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, life can be boring. Your days will be marked with endless hours of tiredness because the body was never well rested at night, and come bedtime, you will struggle to close your eyes and catch some sleep.

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Such is the story of those who have insomnia. Unless they find long-lasting solutions to the condition, it will always have devastating effects on their ability to stay active the following day. If you have insomnia or you have a loved one who can’t help but stay awake at night, here are a few tips worth considering in beating insomnia so that you can look forward to restful nights every single day-:

A tired body and a tired mind will lead to better sleep.

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When both the body and the mind are tired, the chances are that you will fall asleep without knowing, and you are bound to have a profound sleep. This is the number one secret to beating insomnia if you find yourself unable to fall asleep when you should be sleeping.

To have both your mind and body tired by bedtime, you should consider engaging in activities that will both be mentally and physically challenging during the day so that at the end of it, your body will be pleading with you for that rest. Your mind will also be appreciative to have some time to let go of some of the activities.

You can think about working out in the gym during the evening hours and engaging in activities that will be challenging to your mind, whether at your place of work or simply deciding to take on some mental games to tire your mind.

Say goodbye to lazy Sundays.

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Most people are fond of paying the “sleep debt” during the weekends, especially on Sundays. But this is never recommended if you want to beat insomnia and have great nights every day of the week. A good sleeping pattern must be regular so that your circadian rhythm can be well established and instructed to work in your favor every time. When you have a regular sleep pattern during the weekdays, but you break it during the weekend so that you can sleep more and compensate for the hours you slept less during the week, you are taking yourself out of sync. When you try to get it back on Monday, you will be struggling, and since you slept a lot during the weekend, you may find falling asleep during the first few days of the week to be a challenge. Therefore, have a regular and comfortable sleep pattern and don’t fall for oversleeping on the weekends because you will be doing more harm than good to yourself.

Read until you fall asleep.

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If you have insomnia and you want a healthy way to soothe yourself to bed, then consider picking up your favorite reads at bedtime and reading till you fall asleep. Try to force yourself to stay awake and focus on the words until you can no longer see what is written in the book. At that point, you have given your mind the right exhaustion to force it to fall asleep. However, to get the best results with this tip, do the reading away from the bed and go to bed only when you feel you can no longer concentrate on the book.

Learn to keep calm after getting to bed

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Most insomnia does so because they don’t know how to keep calm and slowly drift into sleep after getting to bed. It is not always that you will fall asleep a few minutes after getting into your bed. Sometimes it may happen, and sometimes it may take a while – even for people who don’t suffer from any sleep condition. Learn to understand that falling asleep is a process, and once you get to bed, don’t try to force it.

Think about light things, such as interesting moments in your life, and let your mind begin to shut down slowly on its own accord. By worrying about not falling asleep, you will increase your mental activity, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. Therefore, learn to keep calm, slowly drift into slumberland after getting to bed, and understand that it doesn’t have to be immediate.

Learn to prepare for the night earlier on during the day

A lot has been said about how certain habits will ruin your sleep, even if you were sleeping in the most comfortable bedroom in the world or on a top mattress brand like Saatva. It is important to watch how you slowly bring your day to an end if you want to enjoy a good night’s rest and beat insomnia. There are certain things you must do away with so that you can begin preparing the body in good time for the night ahead. For example, you should always observe the following if you don’t want to ruin your night-:

  • Avoid coffee late in the afternoon.
  • Avoid alcohol a few hours before bed.
  • Avoid heavy meals at night.
  • Avoid sweets and chocolates before going to bed.
  • Avoid blue light at bedtime.

Get the bedroom conditions right and sleep alone if you have to

You may be denied a great sleep if the bedroom conditions are not right for sleep. For example, if the bedroom is too bright or you have a television which you usually watch before going to bed, then you will always be denied the chance to have a great sleep. Sometimes, it may also be necessary to sleep alone if sleeping with a partner contributes to your insomnia. Things like movement, temperature, noise, or even bedding choices may affect our sleep quality. You are conflicting with your partner in any of these, and a good option would be to sleep alone. This is a decision that one out of every four couples in America has taken.

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