Picking The Right Eyewear For Your Lifestyle

If you need correction for poor eyesight, you know how much pain it can sometimes be to find the right eyewear for yourself. It would help if you considered your lifestyle, fashion style, job, children, and even the shape of your head and your hairstyle when picking glasses or opting for contacts.

You’re going to want to try on a lot of frame styles when it comes to picking the right glasses, and a lot of different colors as well. It’s a struggle for those of any gender. You want something that looks good on you, no matter what you’re wearing that day, but you also want stuff that can be worn to work.

What Do You Do For A Living?

If you work in a factory, you definitely need to have safety glasses. You may want ones you can wear over your normal glasses: Plano (no prescription) or that you can wear over contacts. You may want ones that are prescription, that you can wear without your regular glasses. Even artists of some kinds should use safety glasses.


If you spend all day working on a computer or driving for a living at night, you will probably want to look into the coating for your lenses that helps block the reflection. This can help with headaches and more.

What Is Your Personal Style?

The frames you chose may have a lot to do with your personal style. If glasses aren’t your thing, but you don’t see contacts as an option, you may want frameless (wireless) glasses or those with half-frames.

If you’re more outgoing, you might want to invest in frames that are chunky, plastic, or even colorful. You might want oversized glasses or ones that are really tiny. What size you can get will depend on your prescription and whether you’re in tri- or bifocals.

Do You Have Color Preferences?

If you wear certain colors all the time, you may want to get frames that go with what you wear, or at least don’t clash with what you wear most often. Wireframes in a metal color (like gold or silver) can really go with anything, as can black frames.

Consider Your Face Shape

It would help if you also considered your face’s shape when it comes to glasses sizes and shapes. If you have a bigger, round face, you don’t want too small and tight frames. You also want to make sure you get the right shape for your face. A round face doesn’t look good with round frames.

Try on glasses, always, before you buy them. You want to make sure they fit and look good on you. You don’t want them too snug or too loose.

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