When Is Buying a Home Medical Bed a Preferred Choice than Renting?

People seek medical beds for different situations or circumstances, and depending on who will use the bed and for how long, you may decide to buy it or rent it. If you are going to rent a hospital bed, you should know that the charges can balloon if you have prolonged use than expected. On the other hand, if you buy the medical bed and after a few months you no longer need it, you will have spent too much on an item that would probably be taken to the garage or basement for storage since you won’t need it. To make the decision that you will buy a medical bed rather than renting it, you should look at the following things:

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Needed for Extended or Long Term Use

You may need a hospital bed because you have a senior who cannot use the traditional bed. It may be that you have a person with a disability who will, for the rest of their life, need to use a special bed. These situations compel you to buy rather than rent a medical bed. It doesn’t make sense to rent a hospital bed if you will be using it for many years unless you want to test how it works and feels to use it.

You Can Make the Larger Upfront

The approach to buying or renting may sometimes be taken differently. If a person’s financial situation doesn’t allow the higher upfront costs of buying a hospital bed, they will likely purchase it. So, it would help if you had the finances to make the purchase. However, realize that Medicare can help you acquisition by picking up some of the cost. For example, if a doctor has prescribed a medical bed by a patient, Medicare can take 80 percent of the purchase amount, and you pay 20 percent. If you are eligible for this kind of coverage, you can consider buying a medical bed for home care.

Possible to Have a Resale at a Reasonable Value

You could have a medical bed that you use for months or a few years, and you don’t need it. Instead of renting, you can purchase it if the resale value is high and easy to find a buyer. Used medical home-care beds are in demand, and considering that a new one costs a lot of dollars, if you slice off a few hundred dollars on the buying price, you can get a willing buyer looking forward to saving some bucks. When reselling, the hospital bed’s value will mainly be determined by how well you have maintained it and the years it has used.

In essence, different situations would compel you to purchase a hospital bed rather than rent it. You should, however, make an informed decision based on your individual needs and financial status. If you cannot buy a bed, just rent it. You can even rent the bed for the long term if the upfront payment is a problem, but you are comfortable with the rental charges because you have a fixed income that allows for lower monthly payments.

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