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It is absolutely awesome to have a huge follower list on your blog. The big question: HOW? Before that: what really makes a blog a good one- or even better, a great one? One essential factor is traffic. The visitors or e-traffic a blog generates goes a long way in determining if it cuts. The secret, then: the reader is the king, and you do all to get him to your blog, make him hop around reading posts aplenty, and you do all to please him.


Now we come to the million-dollar question: how exactly is all this to be done?

For that, let’s see it all from the reader’s perspective to decide what needs to be done to attract and sustain readers to a blog. To the reader, a blogger or blog-writer is one person he appreciates for his knowledge in a given field. Once impressed by a blog, the reader shows his interest by accessing it over and over again.
To make sure your blog impresses its readers, you’ll need to concentrate on your readers solely. Everything and anything that you put up on your blog must be with a steady eye on the readers’ needs and interests. Forget about SEO; forget about monetizing your blog. These are not the things that’ll make your blog popular. Your readers will. Concentrate on them. And them alone.

Here are 5 essentials you’ll need to take care of to make your blog reader-oriented and set it on its way to being a successful blog.


A structured and organized blog hugely impresses a reader. Have a decent template that is properly categorized and easy to navigate. At the end of each post, try having a related posts section where readers can access many articles on a similar topic. Do not clutter your blog with a million widgets and gadgets. Your reader does not need them, so your blog mustn’t have them either. Could you keep it simple, keep it neat?

Why really do people visit your blog? To read. Come up with content that is sure to impress your readers, content that they’ll repeatedly come to read and re-read. You need to write posts that are not just unique but also massively useful to your readers. No matter how good a vocabulary you possess, there is no real need to showcase it all in your blog. Use simple and easy to understand language. Make lists, use images, and format posts/articles in a manner such that it is easy for your reader to skim through the post before he actually gets down to reading it in detail. Bold, italicize, and underline text that you think needs to stand out amidst the rest. Use a conversational and informal tone. Write as if you’re speaking to your reader. Articles/ posts that you write in this manner will be enormously easy to read. Your readers will also not be taxed when reading them, which means they’ll look for more to read on your blog. Guess what this means: yup, they’ll spend more time on your blog and, in all probability, will keep a tab on all new things you come up with. Above all, be original. Develop your own style of writing and use it always. Never try to copy another’s style and language. You’ll be unique only when you be yourself.

Okay, so you’ve chosen a simple and neat template and have come up with quality content. What next, then? Well, write eye-grabbing headlines. For every post you make, have a good, attention-grabbing headline. A headline that reads Speak Well or Speak With Lots of Confidence will never get as many readers as Speak Like a Leader In 6 Easy Steps. The point is simple: every great post you come up with needs a great headline to attract readers. Some headlines that you could use include:

How To (whatever you’re writing about)

The Secret To (whatever you’re writing about)

6 Easy Ways To (whatever you’re writing about)

5 Must Avoids For (whatever you’re writing about)

Learn How To (whatever you’re writing about)

(whatever you’re writing about) Made Simple

Guide To (whatever you’re writing about)

Ultimate Guide To (whatever you’re writing about)

10 Sure-Fire (whatever you’re writing about) That Work

5 More Formulae (whatever you’re writing about) That Work

6 Killer Ways To (whatever you’re writing about)

An Idiot’s Guide To (whatever you’re writing about)

Do You Make These Mistakes When (whatever you’re writing about)

4 Mistakes You Never Want To Make When (whatever you’re writing about)

Little Known Ways To (whatever you’re writing about)

There is no quick and easy way to make your blog suddenly successful. It doesn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure. But there are methods you can adopt to make it successful quicker than most others. One such way is to post some of your best content as articles on article directories. What this means is that readers will not need to come directly to your blog to find content. Your blog’s content can be made available on various other websites that attract huge amounts of traffic daily. Readers who frequent these can then access your posts too. What’s best is that you get to link to your web page or blog and thereby generate quality traffic.

Blog regularly. To build and maintain a good reader base for your blog, you’ll need to post regularly. Readers must get to read something fresh and good each time they visit your blog. If you’ve just started blogging, it is imperative that you post fairly quick and have content available for readers as and when they visit your blog. If you don’t, then whatever readers you’ve managed to get to your blog will quietly disappear for lack of fresh content. If you cannot come up with quality content often, get a few friends or acquaintances to write guest posts for your blog. You could be good with computers whilst one of your friends could be awesome with current affairs. This means that there are many posts authored by different individuals and on a wide variety of topics. Get onboard as many people as you can. Your readers will be treated to a host of reading material, which can mean only one thing: they’ll, sooner than later, get addicted to your blog!

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