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Plan Every Step of Your Career Path With This Timeline Maker

You’re walking the dog or getting a coffee-to-go when an unwanted thought suddenly hits you: “Where is my career going?”

Sometimes, such questions pop out of nowhere. And when they do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with panic and anxiety about the future. If you are a young professional who just graduated or you’ve been working the same dead-end job for the last few years, you need to consider mapping out your career path with a timeline maker.


Mapping out your career path is like having a professional insurance policy. You have a broader skill base, better career decisions, higher earnings, and peace of mind. Therefore, to help you advance your career goals and keep you on track, we will define a timeline, offer the benefits of building a career timeline, and make one using our free timeline maker.

What is a timeline?

A timeline is an infographic that visualizes information in the context of progression. The aim is to illustrate planning and results over a certain period. Generally, a timeline is used in business presentations, marketing content, individual purposes, and other occasions.

Let’s say you have career goals that must be accomplished by the end of the year. A timeline infographic is the best way to illustrate each intended purpose within that year. You can point out what work needs to be done, like having a promotion or finishing your master’s degree, and define your target dates.

Three Benefits of Having a Career Timeline

A successful career doesn’t happen overnight — you need to reflect on what you want, achieve what you want, and plan how to get it. But why does having a career timeline make it relevant?

1. A timeline gives you a roadmap to your future.

In your timeline, Point A (where you were) to Point B (where you want to be). The roadmap will be your work experience timeline, which will help you identify which actions took a while to achieve and measures you need to take to get there.

You can list actions like assessing job descriptions, attending career conferences to make new connections, and exploring different industries to end up in your desired occupation.

2. A timeline helps you identify gaps you need to fill.

The point above speaks of the needed actions you need to take. Meanwhile, a timeline also outlines what you need to fill in.

Perhaps you need more learning to do, like attending a graduate school or taking online courses to accelerate your career path. Once you’ve identified what additional techniques you should take, you can update and determine how long it will take to finish the course.

3. A timeline offers a chance for personal reflection.

“Can I achieve this in 6 months? Am I not falling behind my timeline?”

If you find yourself wasting work and losing motivation because you can’t answer such questions, you can reflect on your career timeline and move forward. Plus, it’ll help you determine your professional development and progress.

How To Make a Career Timeline With Venngage

Venngage is a platform where you can find hundreds of timeline templates. Our memberships are free, exclusive of business and premium templates and high-quality designs.

Please take advantage of the free templates, and let’s design your career timeline with the list below.

1. Plot your goals.

Decide what events and goals your career timeline will show. Examples include courses, personal circumstances, projects, and events related to your career growth.

Once you’ve listed down what you wish to have in your timeline, the next step is to check how realistic your goals are.

2. Be specific with your timeline.

As much as possible, chronologically list the events, including the dates. Also, decide on the time frame that your career timeline will cover. Is it going to cover the rest of the year or per quarter?

3. Enter your data into the online timeline maker.

To visualize all the milestones you need to reach, enter your plans and expectations into the timeline maker. But before you do that, make sure that your chosen template matches your purpose, personality, and audience.

If you need a quick view of our timeline templates, see our examples with current graphic design trends.

Build your timeline according to your wishes.

The fun part about using a free online timeline maker is creating your career plan aligned with your tasks, length of time, and design niche. You can edit, add, and delete elements and text boxes in a few clicks. You can also choose your color scheme, font style, and images.

So, are you ready to get started with your career growth? Keep a career timeline handy, track your professional development, and build a better future with Venngage.

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