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Application of the Internet of Things in HVAC, Lighting, and Outlets for the Home

Having made its way into the industrial and commercial sectors, the Internet of Things is now taking up the residential sector, too. The companies looking to introduce smart devices have been working seriously on home automation. They are seeking to use them for HVAC, Outlets, and lighting systems in houses. Many of these services are available already, while even more are waiting to be launched in the smart home services sector. The use and performance of smart devices in homes is as follows:

Common Electrical Code Requirements Room-by-Room

Making the smart HVAC system

Not only will the smart home concept make lives convenient, but it will also help save on energy and costs. However, the new technology has to be examined under several aspects for this added convenience. With houses equipped with centralized heating systems, lighting, water heaters, outlets, and air conditioning, the smart HVAC system provided by certain companies plays an important role in making homeowners dependent on it to an extent. The usage of IoT in a smart home has shown several improvements in home functioning. The positive aspects of IoT for HVAC systems are :

-The smart device can be used to adjust the room temperature. The smart thermostats will not only change the temperature, but measures for saving energy and costs will be taken into consideration, too.

-A single app can be used to monitor smart devices, and the users will stay educated about heating and cooling temperatures simultaneously.

-The IoT will help educate and advise homeowners on saving energy costs and usage. Smart devices will help keep both energy and associated costs.


Companies have launched these smart devices that can sensor the temperature, time, and location of the user. Besides, with the latest technology, they have also developed voice-activated assistants.

Watch out for the Outlets

Besides the HVAC system, smart devices are also designed to work well with the outlets used for power consumption in your home. The IoT, thus, with a smart thermostat and other sensors, helps keep you aware of the power consumption in your home and advice on how to minimize it. You can call it real-time monitoring of power usage. These devices may also help prevent electrocution caused by over-usage. Certain uses of smart devices for Outlets in your home are:

  • It will help monitor power usage by new as well as old appliances and keep the owner informed of the same
  • The modernized plugs have been incorporated with voice assistants to state power consumption in your home.
  • The power usage has taken a new edge with the wireless controls and hi-tech power sockets.

Lighting and the Internet of Things

With the latest technology in order, these smart home lighting systems have eased the life of homeowners. With lucrative shades and kits for smart lighting, there is even a bridge offered by companies to handle over 50 lights at the same time. This can be a great investment for apartments or larger homes. Some useful effects of this are:

The added convenience for the homeowners besides power and cost-saving.

These lights can be switched on or off from any place in the home. They can be useful during power disruptions, too.

Smart bulbs are a smart investment as the lights turn off automatically when no one is around. It not only cost effects but minimizes power consumption too.

The software can control a bridge of lights or LED bulbs and is compatible with Android and iOS.

With the increased need to focus on lower power consumption and associated costs, the lighting, outlet, and HVAC system are turning into the condition of the hour. Smart home devices would thus be as important as smartphones in the future.

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