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YouTube for Windows Phone 8 is now a full-fledged app

YouTube for Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 8 users are going to love Microsoft for this. The YouTube on your Windows Phone has finally gone from being a glorified wrapper to a full-fledged app. In a major design overhaul of the application, the update is already available in the Windows Phone Store. The redesigned app incorporates the design elements of …

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Intel CEO on Windows 8 woes: Pesky ‘adoption curve’

Intel CEO on Windows 8 woes In what might be considered a parting critique of Windows 8, Intel’s outgoing CEO admitted that Windows 8 takes getting used to. “I’ve recently converted personally to Windows 8 with touch. It is a better Windows than Windows 7 in the desktop mode when you implement touch,” Paul Otellini said during the company’s first-quarter …

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HTC HD2 gains Windows Phone 8 port

It’s time again to call forth the beast from the pits of hacker heaven, that being the legendary HTC HD2, originally running Windows Mobile 6.5 back in 2009, here now with Windows Phone 8. This device has been a bit of a golden egg for hackers over the past few years, with the challenge being to get the newest and …

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Windows 8.1 screenshot leak suggests the return of the Start button

Windows 8.1 screenshot leak It was always hard to imagine a Windows OS without its “Start” button, but Window 8, which was launched last year, showed us how Windows could be managed without the traditional Start button.   But, it looks like the Start button is set to make a comeback onto your Windows OS. Leaked screenshots of the yet-to-be-released …

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30 Second Guide to Microsoft Surface

The next big thing in technology to hit our market is Microsoft’s own baby, the Surface. Simply put, the surface is an ultrabook. What’s new, you may ask. In a nutshell, it is manufactured by microsoft themselves. A new venture by them, microsoft was known to be software-centric and leave the hardware game for the rest. So this will be …

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