Why Do I keep getting Heartburn every day?

The actual reason behind getting heartburn regularly and a few simple remedies

As the name suggests, many of us may think that heartburn is related to the heart. When we notice irritation in your esophagus, then we call it heartburn. The esophagus is the tube that forms a connection between our throat and stomach. The stomach acid formed can create a feeling of discomfort around the area of our upper belly.

Reasons for getting heartburn every day

Heartburn that happens occasionally is considered normal, but when we start experiencing it daily, it becomes a major problem.

  1. Unhealthy diet: if we are not maintaining a healthy diet, then we might suffer heartburn. Overeating, obesity, overweight, or eating too fast can also cause heartburn. A healthy diet is essential to get rid of frequent heartburns. Eat your food slowly, do not rush. Take time to chew and swallow the food thoroughly. Smaller meals can reduce the risk of heartburn. Eliminate spicy food, citrus fruits, tomato, garlic, and onion from your diet. Caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks are also some of the major reasons behind heartburn.
  2. Acid reflux disease: acid reflux disease is a common problem that many people suffer, leading to frequent heartburn. This happens when the valve in the esophagus opens and does not close tightly. This causes acid reflux, and we experience chronic heartburn. The lower esophageal sphincter gets permanently damaged. There are certain surgical techniques as well as tightening methods to wrap the esophageal valve.


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  8. Disorders related to the stomach: an inflammation of the stomach lining can also turn to be the cause of heartburn. The lining of the digestive tract erodes due to excessive secretion of stomach acid. As a result, we suffer from chronic heartburn.

Other causes of frequent heartburn are listed below.

  • Eating 2 to 3 hours before bedtime can be one of the reasons behind heartburn. Try to avoid having meals just before we go to our bed. This causes the food to slide into our esophagus and trigger a burning sensation in our chest.
  • Avoid drinking before bedtime. Drinking too much alcohol can invite heartburn problems.

Symptoms of heartburn


Given below are some of the signs which indicate that we are suffering from frequent heartburn. They are:

  1. Breathing problems: if the swallowed food comes up to the mouth and we swallow the stomach acid, we suffer from breathing problems. Asthma gets worse. Try to consult the doctor in such cases.
  2. Voice problems: heartburn can bring other problems such as a sore throat or a chronic cough. We constantly feel that there is a lump existing in our throat. We develop hoarseness in our voices.
  3. Tooth decay: the stomach acid is sour in taste. When it regurgitates, the tooth enamel may get damaged and wear away. This results in tooth decay.
  4. Ulcers develop in the esophagus: sores or ulcers develop as the esophageal lining gets destroyed by the stomach acid.
  5. Adverse effect on health: heartburn can create an impact on a person’s life. It lowers the quality of our life as well as our health.

If we notice any of the symptoms, it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor for treatment.

How to get rid of acid reflux with home remedies

  1. lemon juice: having a pH value of 2, lemons are highly loaded with nutrients and vitamin C. we take one lemon and squeeze the juice out. Now we need to drink the raw lemon juice. This can help in treating heartburn. The acidic nature of lemons fights against the a natural remedy for acid reflux. Read today and apply the steps to cure your condition as quickly as possible.
  2. Baking soda: unlike lemons, baking soda is a base. It is an effective medication for treating heartburn. The base can neutralize an acid. If we drink baking soda, it can neutralize the acidic effect of stomach acid. It is completely non-toxic in nature. We make a mixture of baking soda (1 tablespoon) in one-fourth cup of water. Drinking the mixture helps to reduce the pain and burning sensation caused due to the stomach acid.
  3. Apple cider vinegar: having a pH value of 5, apple cider vinegar not only treats heartburn but also improves your digestion. We need to add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one-fourth cup of water. These mixtures fight against heartburn. We can also drink it before our meals to avoid acid reflux.

Some of the supplements to treat heartburn naturally are probiotics, HCL with pepsin, magnesium, and L-Glutamine. Besides, we should try to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Losing weight is very important. We should wear loose-fitting clothes as it puts less pressure on our stomachs. The remedies given below are the best ways to reduce heartburn. We must call a doctor when excessive vomiting occurs due to heartburn. Controlling our stress can reduce the chances of heartburn.

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