Ready for the Night: Preparing an Evening Party Look

Whether you attend evening events regularly or this is your first time, it’s always nice to have some new ideas to refresh your look. From makeup to shoes to hair to dress: your evening look should make you feel fun and fabulous. You can choose from an overwhelming amount of choices in each field, so it’s important to know what you want, the event you’re attending, and what you feel most comfortable in. This season, eveningwear is all about embracing your individuality and having fun. are So many trends arely coexisting at once that it’s hard to make a misstep with a lenient and playful fashion statement.

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Here are our tips for prepping for your evening party so that you have the most fun possible!

1. Choose a dress you can wear again

We know you may want to buy a new dress for this event—and why not? However, if you’re going to keep things affordable and have a chance to re-use the style, look to purchase a dress you feel confident you could wear again later. Companies like JJ’s House are chockfull of affordable, gorgeous evening dresses that can be worn again at a later date. The best way to ensure your dress can easily be worn again is to choose something timeless and flattering in a dark or muted shade.

2. Try a fun new lipstick

While we don’t recommend trying an entirely new makeup trend the day of your event—you know yourself and your skin best, after all—evening events can be a great time to try a fun, new lipstick color. The latest batch of long-lasting, non-smudging lipsticks in bold, saturated colors is a great way to bring a pop of color to your outfit and make that big smile stand out in pictures.

3. Play up your shoes

Evening events are a great place to break out a pair of wild shoes you haven’t found a spot to wear. If your dress is neutral, there’s really to what your shoes can look like. Of course, as with any event, you should keep the location, the type of event, and the attendees so that your shoes don’t stand incorrectly way. Beyond that? Go for it! Studs, sequins, and bold colors are all winners in our book.

4. Get a practical evening bag

While some adorable minuscule clutches, consider what you need to carry in it when buying your evening bag. Check the compartments and the overall size to ensure it fits your style and needs before investing any money. Plus, most evening bags can be re-used, so see if you have one already in your closet that you can make do with!

5. Get your hair done

While we’re not suggesting a full up-do (unless you want one), the evening event is a great time to get a blowout or have your color touched up. Having your hair look sleek and effortless is an easy way to bring your whole look together. Plus, it will be one less thing on your list of to-dos.

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