Why it’s Better to Mount Your Television on the Wall Every Time


The time of the ‘big box’ TV is long over, so there is often no need to buy a TV cabinet or other form of support to place your TV on – although this is of course still possible, as there are a variety of TV stands and other furniture available should you prefer that. However, when flat-screen TV designers developed their first model, they had wall-mounting in mind.

It’s exactly for this reason that mounting your TV on the wall is still your best option. Not only that, there are many advantages to be gained that the first architects of the flat-screen TV did not think of then. Are you wondering where and how to mount your new viewing pleasure? Here’s why it’s better to mount your television on the wall every time.

Great viewing experience

When we say ‘wall mounting’ we don’t necessarily mean that it has to be mounted on the wall itself; there are plenty of wall mounts that will help you find the perfect viewing angle and viewing height – and these wall mounts are flexible, so you can adjust them to your own preferences for that great viewing experience.

Saving space

It’s not just about getting that perfect viewing angle (although arguably that’s the most important one); it’s also about saving space. By mounting your TV on the wall, you are sure to have plenty of floor space to position or store other items that will enhance your TV area.




When you mount your TV on the wall, you are sure there are no TV stands to move around when cleaning or when trying to maintain a certain part of the house – it’s very practical when it comes to tidying up or mopping.

It’s neat and stylish

What better way to introduce style and comfort than by giving the viewing area a clean and neat space; your TV is sure to look sleek, modern and stylish on a TV mount.


It’s not something that we think about often – but when you have young kids or pets, you know what we’re talking about. The wall-mounted TV is a lot safer and less likely to cause accidents.

It also pays to consider the alternative and mention the disadvantages of the TV stand. Whilst a TV stand may offer a little warmth and beauty to the room (assuming it is one of quality and aesthetic beauty, of course), it still adds a bulky item to the room. Furthermore, it tends to dominate the room, and can be a hassle when it comes to practical matters such as cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to flat-screen TVs, it’s always best to mount them on the wall – it’s what they were designed for, after all.

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